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Winter Fashion Essentials: Your Go-To Guide to Winter Wear

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The days are short and the temperatures have way too much chill. Sometimes to the extreme. That doesn’t mean that you need to give up your fashion goals. Winter fashion is just as fabulous and flair-focused as the other seasons. In the winter months, you’ll want our must-have essentials to keep you next level chic while you’re in the season of cozy luxury.

Check out Armitron’s guides for women and men when it comes to winter fashion essentials.

Women’s Winter Wear Essentials

A Classic Luxury Timepiece

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Want to make certain you stay warm this winter? You need some luxury that’s simple and stunning at the same time. Keep it glowing and grand with Armitron’s Gold-Tone Watch and Bangle Set with Mother-of-Pearl Dial and Swarovski Crystal Accents. Winter is one big occasion for easy opulence. Go for gold shimmer with a sleek bracelet set. Your watch has a delicate dial with a Mother-of-Pearl shimmer. Add in crystals at every hour with gold-tone roman numerals at 6 and 12. Your matching bangle features 22 crystals in a line of light across your wrist. Brilliance blazes and you’re set with swish that’s deluxe and comfy.

Wrap Yourself in Ruanas and Ponchos

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Go with the flow and look fierce as you do it with a winter staple–the chic wrap. Choose a cape-like shawl like a ruana or poncho, or go for a blanket style scarf. There’s nothing cozier than wrapping up in a sumptuous winter scarf. Choose a luxe fabric like cashmere or wool. Drape a ruana over evening wear or rock a knit poncho with boots and jeans. It’s a stylish way to stay warm this winter.

Arm Warmers Galore

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Let your fingers peek out of some cool and cozy fingerless gloves or knit arm warmers. This winter fashion trend is way more practical than gloves or mittens because they’re easy to wear on-the-go. Get a pair that are slouchy and soft and push them up or down over your hands as needed. You can wear your watch on the outside or pull up the fabric to get a quick glance at the time.

Men’s Winter Wear Essentials

A Watch for Dressy Occasions

winter mens watch

If you want cool without cold, stay golden. Check out Armitron’s Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Analog Bracelet Watch if you need subtle sophistication and effortless chic. You’ll have the perfect accessory for occasions that require formality, festivity or a little fun. The winter months call for rich, dark colors and heavy fabrics. Keep it handsome and posh with a watch that looks handsome, luxe and serious. Use the tachymeter that encircles the bezel to compute your speed across distances. Your dark dial beams with elegance and the gold-tone indices and bracelet strap give you gold vibes and sleek style. It’s the ideal wrist watch to make winter warm and bright.

Puffer Jacket Panache

winter jacket

Stay on trend and ever-chic with a puffer jacket when it’s cold out. The new take on the classic ski jacket looks great in any color. Go for bright and bold or stick to winter neutrals like black, navy or grey. Get adventurous with a faux-fur lined hood or metallic accents. This althleisure winter fashion staple keeps you looking awesome even when it’s crazy cold. A puffer jacket looks fine with a suit or business casual. Get a down version that you can roll into a bag for easy storage once you’re inside.

Up Your Hat Game

winter hat

Every man looks great in a hat. Winter finally gives you a practical reason to wear your knit beanie. Rock your favorite knit beanies with gusto. Go for a classic model or add ear flaps and ironic colors to add some jazz to short winter days. Classic tweed flat caps are making a comeback and you can’t go wrong with a serious wide-brim fedora. Add a cool knit scarf and you’re good to go.

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