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Inside Watch Series: Why Do People Wear Watches on their Left Hands?

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Glance down at your watch. Bet your eyes darted left. Right? That’s where your eyes go if you’re in the majority of the population — the 90 percent of folks who are right-handed. Left-handed people are rare; they account for only around 10 percent of the global population.

Turns out that evidence of right-handed dominance is found throughout history. Anthropologists discovered that primitive tools seemed to show a preference for right-hand use. Scientists agree that a combination of cultural and biological factors account for the huge preponderance of those of you who are right-handed.

This large group has something else in common. They almost always wear their wristwatch on their left hands. Of course, you may be one of the outliers or lefties who buck convention, but the vast majority of people always wear their watch on their left wrist. This choice is so prevalent that it now seems natural.

But how do we know which hand to wear our watch and why is the left-handed watch predominate?

Here are Armitron’s Three Reasons Why Left-Hand Watch Wear is So Common

1. Because it’s Practical

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Pocket watches, worn at the waist, were the first modern timepieces. The first wristwatches were made for women during the Victorian era. These designs were modeled on elegant bracelets worn to be fancy and stylish. Men started wearing wristwatches soon after, but for an entirely different reason. Early men’s wristwatches were a must-have accessory for every soldier. The military style watch was born out of practicality, but it quickly became a standard men’s accessory. One that was always worn on the left hand. Soldiers needed reliable, easy-to-read timepieces. Left-hand placement assured efficiency. Dominant right hands were busy with weapons and the like. A deft glance at the left wrist gave wartime troops quick access to one of the most vital aspects of battle — the timing.

2. Because it’s Versatile

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Left-hand watch wear is efficient and practical, but it’s also the most versatile placement for right-handed people. This population’s lifestyle and physical comfort governed early watch design. That tradition quickly standardized. Classic analog watch design places the crown on the right side of the watch’s dial, which always orients with the 12-hour marker at the north point. Consider Armitron’s Stainless Steel Dress Bracelet for men. Gold-tone hour indices stand out on a handsome black sunray dial. A calendar window sits at the three-hour mark — and that’s where you have the crown. This is the ideal placement for right-hand watch winding. Left-side crown placement would make for awkward movements. Left-handed watches give the right-handed populace maximum physical comfort and versatility. Managing the buckle or clasp is also way easier when the watch is worn on the left hand.

3. Because it’s Protective

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No one wants to bang up their watch. Especially if it’s one as gorgeous as Armitron’s Two-Tone Analog Watch with Black Ceramic and Gold Bangle Bracelet- 28MM. The small and delicate faceplate gives you comfortable ease for formal events or day wear when you’re feeling extra chic. But a watch can still get in the way if you wear it on your dominant hand. It’ll be subject to bumps during simple everyday activities like opening cupboards or doors. You won’t feel as comfortable with a pen in hand. And you’ll subject your timepiece to way more wear and tear than if it’s on your more relaxed left wrist. That placement is especially important with an elegant ceramic bangle band. The left hand provides a natural safe space for a watch that you love and adore.

Whether you fall into the right-handed majority or are one those rare left-handed people, Armitron has a watch that will fit your lifestyle, your budget, and all of your needs for fashion and function.

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