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Think You Can’t Wear White After Labor Day? Think Again: 5 Tips for Adding Some White into Your Look

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No white after Labor Day? That’s a fashion rule that was made to be broken! Your style comes from your individual sense of flair. You don’t need to worry about old-time rules from another era. The “no-white-after-Labor Day” directive hails from a more conservative period — over a century ago. People dressed way more formal, and summertime meant shedding heavy fabric and layers. Instead, fashionistas donned clothes that were white and light. More relaxed and casual.

But the change of seasons was ordained by an actual date — not lifestyle and weather, as is the case today! Labor Day meant the end of summer and the breezy fabric that made the heat bearable.

Now you know that white can be worn in any season. Think of rich, creamy sweaters in winter or white jeans that go year round. A crisp, white collared shirt is a closet staple in every month. So is your soft, white T-shirt in multiple styles. You already know you’re going to wear white year round. Labor Day is no longer a firm cut-off but a signal that those summer breezes are cooling off. Fall is on the way.

1. Mother-of-Pearl Bracelet Watch with Swarovski Crystals

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The color white has a bright energy. Even hints of the shade elevate your look. Whether you’re going for casual or already formal, the addition of white on your wristwatch adds a cool sense of chic. Armitron’s Swarovski Crystal Analog Watch with Gold tone Adjustable Link Bracelet features a white mother-of-pearl dial that glimmers with happy iridescence. Your shimmering faceplate, surrounded by crystal, shines on a gold bezel. This elegant watch, with its flash of pretty white, is the perfect way to add some sweetness and light to your look.

2. Creamy and Dreamy- Luxe Scarf

A white scarf in eggshell, antique lace or ivory adds a touch of cool sophistication to your base outfit. The right white scarf can carry over several seasons. Choose a luxury fabric or blend. Think wool, silk and cashmere. Choose a shade of white that’s deep and rich, like colors in cream, butter and milk. Lush shades of beige. Velvety vanilla. White doesn’t have to come across as light and fleeting like it does in summer. It’s more of an anchor for opulence and comfort.

3. Smoke and Bones- Leather Tote

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The color white has substance and heft, especially in thick fabrics like wool or leather. White leather plays on nature’s strength and softness. A white leather tote in shades of smoky white or natural bone looks tasteful and dressy. Your white bag looks great as a contrast to black, gray or navy.

4. Silver-Tone Bangle Bracelet Watch with Swarovski Crystals

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Silver is considered a shade of white due to its shine and luster. People with white hair are known as “silver-headed,” and the silver screen gets its name from the dazzling light of movie stars. So feel free to indulge in silver hues and bright metallics to add white to your wardrobe. Armitron’s Silver-Tone Watch and Bracelet Set with Swarovski Crystal Accents shines with sparkle, while crystals adorn the bezel and matching bracelet. A silver wristwatch elevates your look with sophistication. The mother-of-pearl faceplate offers delicate flickers of white. This pretty watch does double duty as a timepiece and jewelry set. Don’t be surprised if you keep checking the time just to indulge in sparkle!

5. On-the-Go Snow- Posh Sneakers

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A great pair of bright white sneakers are the perfect accessory for athleisure looks or even formal digs. White sneakers add a pop of comfort and zing with a casual vibe. You can even pull them off with a tuxedo if that’s your style! They’re always in style, but keep them sharp, smart, bright-white and clean.

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