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5 Ways to Stay Organized in 2018

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It’s time to tame the chaos! An organized life is the key to contentment and living your best life. It’s not as hard as it sounds to get your life in order. In fact, when it comes to organization, it’s the little things that count. No gigantic overhauls needed! Just add in Armitron’s five easy-to-implement daily habits and organizing tips and you’re on your way to a smooth, productive and totally peaceful 2018.

1. Write It Down

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Maybe you’ve got a stellar mental game so you keep your to-do list going in your head? Even if your memory is top-notch, there’s no need to tax it with a running list of errands, meetings and appointments. The best way to stay organized is to write down the things you need to remember. In fact, writing it down gives your memory a fail-safe. You’re more likely to remember and complete the tasks you write down. Make a habit of writing a daily to-do list. Put your stack of post-its to use and jot down reminders. Keep it simple and you’ll notice the positive effects of organization right away.

2. Wear Your Watch

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When you’re wearing your watch, you’re naturally more reliable. Especially to yourself because you’re keeping track of your time. It’s your most valuable asset. You know time flies, so make your minutes matter. Choose a sophisticated time piece like Armitron’s Gold-Tone Plated Analog Watch with Brown Leather Strap as your time tracker. You’re sporting a watch that’s stylish and comfortable (with its luggage brown leather strap.) But you’re also committing to time management – at a glance. Your glossy white dial, surrounded in a gold-tone bezel, features analog design known for its effortless and elegant organization. Note the beautifully simple silver hands and hour indices. Chic and sleek, here’s a watch that inspires you each time you peek at it.

3. Create a Central Calendar

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Don’t be afraid of giant dry erase boards or desk-sized monthly calendars. Whether you’re creating your calendar for work or home (or combining the two) go big and bold. Organization is easy when you’ve got a grand view of the big picture. Stay industrious or get creative with chalk options and color schemes. Your mail goal is to map out your month in a centralized hub so you can keep track of the whole shebang in one glance. No need to scroll or flip pages, it’s all right there. This is the best way to keep your work or family squad organized and in sync with a personalized calendar.

4. Declutter Daily

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Cleaning is a huge task that feels overwhelming. You need your spaces neat and clean to stay organized, but you might give up if your goal is just “clean!” Where do you even start? First of all, start small and hit it daily. A stack of mail is daunting. So sort it and toss it in a quick minute when you walk in the door. Get bins or storage containers to make sorting quick and easy. Heading upstairs? Grab anything else that needs relocation on your way up. Moving plates to the sink? Give them a quick rinse and drop them in the dishwasher. Work tiny cleaning and decluttering steps into your day. This way you chip away at the larger tasks without feeling the strain.

5. Delegate Duties

Remember that a well-oiled ship serves everyone on board. So don’t wait to ask for help. One of the best ways to stay organized is to realize that you can’t do it all and you can’t do it alone. So ask for help when you need it and assign tasks based on strengths. Get your family (or roommates or workmates) involved. Now glance at your watch. Take in your to-do list and your calendar. Next, go ahead and make some executive decisions! Make a good use of your time and everything else will fall into place.

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