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Ways to Show Off School Spirit for Students & Alumni

School Spirit

Your college years are some of the best! Whether you’re in the midst of them right now, or you’ve already graduated, your university is your home away from home. Your campus is where you find yourself. It’s likely where you discovered who you are and found your direction. And it’s where you made some of the best friends you have! You’re part of a larger family that’s defined by a sense of place and the connection that comes from shared traditions. School spirit creates a lifeline. Your school is your home team. So, show off the love!

Rock Your School Colors

School Spirit School Colors

Get into the spirit by wearing your campus colors!. There’s a day designated for this festive occasion! It’s usually the Friday before Labor Day. On “College Colors Day” students, alumni, parents and faculty pull out hoodies, t-shirts, and letterman jackets to commemorate their campus or alma mater. Don’t hold back—make sure every accessory matches the theme, from your shoes to your wristwatch. Armitron’s Digital Chronograph Square Dial Watch gives you the ideal dash of color. The retro modern digital design offers traditional campus style in colors like royal blue, red, and two tone versions with a grey or black base. Don’t miss kick-off at the stadium!

Head to the Homecoming Game

School Spirit Homecoming Game

Passion for your school overflows during Homecoming weekend—it’s usually scheduled around the big fall game with an arch-rival. Sports arenas and the local areas around campus overflow with crowds devoted to the same cause. You’ve found your squad. Everyone unites around a similar passion—pride in your school and your team. You’ll also find everyone in the mood to let loose and drink in the vibe. Parties abound! Your university will schedule tons of events and you’ll find the whole campus ready to celebrate. It’s called “homecoming” because alumni, parents, friends and students all come home to campus for one glorious fall weekend. Fun times!

Go to Alumni Events

School Spirit Alumni Events

When you choose to attend a college with a strong sense of unity, you never really leave. Most universities have a strong network for alumnus. You’ll find events, luncheons and networking events through the year. You can usually find regional alumni groups if you’ve moved far from campus in major cities across the nation. Connect socially, but it’s professional as well. You’re connected by your shared sense of school spirit and camaraderie.

Dive into Spirit Week on Campus

School Spirit Week

Sometimes spirit weeks on college campus link into Homecoming weekend during the fall. But this week designated for fun, games, and friends can occur in winter and spring too. It’s usually marked by fun events meant to entertain and foster a sense of unity. Look for designated dress up days, treasure hunts, free events, fairs, and entertainment like talent shows and games. It’s a great way to be true to your school!

Take Pics and Make Memories

School Spirit Pics

Showing school spirit is all about connection. You don’t get lost in the crowd—you feel like you’re a part of it. One of the best ways to stay connected is to use your college and campus hashtags on social media. Wherever you are, you’ll always feel like your part of the team—and those away from the campus life can stay connected. Link arms with your campus cohort, take a selfie, and post! #CollegeLife

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