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Ways to Make the Most of Snow Days

Snow Day

Snowfall in the forecast? Sometimes it’s a light dusting, and other times you wake up to a winter wonderland. Now you’re home bound! Whether it’s a few extra inches or several feet, when snow days hit, it’s time to readjust your schedule. There can be a stressful impact to work schedules or scrambles to rearrange child care. Try to think of the interruption as a chance to rethink your use of time. Here’s your chance for an impromptu staycation, the possibility to work from home, and extra, unexpected hours with the fam. Put on your Armitron Digital Chronograph Square Dial Watch with Pink Resin Strap and Rose Gold Accents and indulge in quality time!

Snow Day Watch

Here’s Armitron’s guide to making the most of your time on snow days.

Let your School House Rock

Snow Day School House

Have a home school day, but make it fun. Use your watch timer to give the kids short bursts of activity with rest periods in between. Pull out this week’s spelling words. Go over multiplication tables. Assign mini-reports and have your students present their research. Keep the focus on low-stakes fun. Add in some Phys Ed to keep your home school class moving. Use your wrist watch chronograph feature to time reps for stretches, crunches, push-ups, and all the other fun activities you can do right on your living room floor. Everyone stays active and most of all, you’re enjoying the time!

Bundle Up and Head Outside

Snow Day Bundle Up

Do you want to build a snowman? You know you do. Snow days are a great time to get outside and enjoy the fresh snowfall. Bundle up in your warmest winter gear and head out for some fun and frolic! You can also shovel your driveway or porch. Check in on elderly neighbors or anyone else close by who may need a hand. Keep an eye on your sporty wristwatch and get everyone back inside before they get too cold—especially if temps are extra frigid.

Make it Family Game Day

Snow Day Game

Snow days give you the perfect op to design a family game tournament. You can throw together a few rounds of Charades with just a notepad, pencil, and your watch timer. Use your timer to track turns and keep time during play. You can also do a game of Telephone. The game’s whisper chain is easy and only requires listening and imagination. Pull out your board games, puzzles, and all the other fun activities that are usually stowed away. Game on!

Get Organized

Snow Day Organized

Use your extra snow day hours to dive in to chores. Don’t spend all day on the grind, but make use of your time to get a head start on evening chores or dive into projects you’ve been putting off. Set up a schedule and use your wristwatch timer to give the kids goals and short tasks. Make beds, organize toys, and catch up on laundry. Using a timer alarm keeps tasks short and sweet. Everyone has achievable goals to work toward. Factor in some rewards for jobs well done.

Chill Out

Snow Day Chill Out

After a fun, full day of mini-school, snow adventures, games, and chores, it’s time to chill! Snuggle up on the couch and watch your favorite family movies or stream a retro classic. You can also get everyone settled in with a great book. Snow days don’t have to be chaos. They offer unexpected weekday gifts where everyone in the household gets to experience quality time. Remember to keep track of your hours, and plan out a quick schedule early on. Plan your time well, and your snow day will roll out like clockwork!

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