A Watch to Suit Dad’s Interests


Your dad’s a unique guy. He deserves distinct style. The kind that matches his personality at the same time that it keeps him looking sharp and attractive. Fashion is key for fathers, but function is also crucial. Dad needs a watch that’s good-looking and handsome — just like him! But he also values utility. Style that gets the job done and aligns with his interests.

That’s why Armitron is a go-to watch brand for men with diverse pursuits who value functionality as much as they do the cool factor.

A Watch for the Epic Outdoorsman


Armitron’s Men’s Metallic Blue Accented Black Resin Strap Digital Chronograph Sport Watch looks as strong as it is. You have a solid sport watch with a large, masculine face and plenty of functions.

It’s perfect for:

Hiking and Outdoor Adventures

hiking interests

Dad can use military time for mapping the hours during any outdoor excursion. The hour chime (in alarm mode) helps track distance across the day. The backlight is perfect to assist with vision as the sun sets and before it rises.

Fitness Regimes

fitness interests

Any dad into sports or working out will make use of the multi-function chronograph. He can use lap time to measure workout reps and track his endurance. The durable strap is rugged, comfortable and looks great with sports gear.


This watch goes perfectly with dad’s weekend wear. It offers a casual and robust look for picnics and BBQs. The sharp-looking sub-dials track seconds with numbers in one window and a cool graphic block in another. Expert grill masters know to pay attention to the timing!

A Watch for the World-Class Aficionado

world interests

Armitron’s Stainless Steel Analog Watch with Black Adjustable Link Bracelet gives Dad a handsome and chic accessory that goes with dressy suits or casual looks. Classic design looks good with anything.

It’s perfect for:

Refined Activities

refined interests

Dads who play music, or just love to listen to it, will appreciate the good taste in this watch’s vibe. Timeless style matches precise function. It’s a refined timepiece for the Dad who enjoys a museum stroll, a jazz club or browsing through a bookstore.

Tech Pursuits

Dads who play video games or get excited over new apps and the latest tech inventions still love to roll old school. Analog design represents classic technology. The first timekeepers developed analog layout because of it’s efficient perfection. This watch gives you traditional precision with a sleek faceplate and dark dial. Sub-dials add complexity while giving your techie dad beautifully engineered form. He’ll appreciate the sleek combo of form and function.

Artistic Appreciation

A creative outlet charges the soul. Whether drawing or painting or working on the perfect beer brew in the basement, your dad’s artistic hobby keeps him relaxed and on point. This watch’s subtle black bracelet and sandblast dial offer inspiration. The dark dial with grey and white hands give dad a rich and formal style that’s refined and distinctive. The sub-dials are designed with gradations of grey. Subtle detailing that a man with an artistic temperament and palate is sure to value.

If your dad needs style and a watch that suits his interests, Armitron provides both. Their options are always affordable. But even better, they give dad a style that’s chic and upscale. With design and functionality that hits the mark.

Armitron watches are as unique and distinctive as your dad. Give him the watch he deserves.

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