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5 Accessories to Amp Up Your Valentine’s Day Style

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Let your style match your mood on Valentine’s Day! No matter if you’re heart-happy, romance-ready or ironically sassy, the right accessory can supercharge your personal style. Whether you’re going traditional with a candlelight dinner and rocking your fancy or staying in by the fireplace in your coziest knit, your Valentine’s Day style sets the tone. So get ready for a little romance with dashes of fun and fabulous and gobs of glitter. Your base ensemble might be jeans, a Little Red Dress or tuxedo-inspired. Whatever you wear, amp your style with extra romantic accessories. This is the right time to indulge in style that’s pretty for pretty’s sake, with a jolts of sass and class for good measure.

Here are Armitron’s five accessories to take your Valentine’s Day outfit to next-level chicness.

Rock a Diamond Accent Watch Amp Diamond

To instantly elevate your mood and your look, put on Armitron’s Rose Gold-tone Bracelet with Diamond Accents. It’s truly a thing of beauty. (Just like you!) The face features a shimmery natural mother-of-pearl dial that’s smooth around the outer hours with an etched design on the inner circle. You have Roman numerals, sleek hands and an inner circle in rose gold-tone stainless steel. Six genuine diamonds dazzle as hour markers. The bracelet strap features a seamless jewelry clasp closure — that means a comfort and a fit to perfection. Wear this sparkling timepiece when you want effortless sophistication and delicate drama. You’ll feel an air of grandeur — just right when love is in the air.

Carry a Statement Clutch

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No matter what you’ve got planned, Valentine’s season is a special occasion. So transfer your bare minimum must-haves from your everyday bag or backpack into a chic little statement purse. Up your style game with a clutch, a wristlet, or a slim and sleek cross-body if you want hands-free. Go for a novelty shape or choose one with inspired graphics. You can also keep it chic and easy with solid metallics or patent leather. Or go full-on glam with sequins and embellishments. Indulge your whimsy and celebrate love with a just-right clutch that expresses your style.

Wear Works of Heart

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Hearts are for everyone and for anytime, but on Valentine’s Day, you don’t have to hold back. Bring on the hearts! This is the perfect time to accessorize with a heart-covered cardigan or scarf. Definitely wear your favorite heart necklace or earrings. Or add little hearts to your fingers and toes with a Valentine-motivated mani and pedi. Hearts on your sleeves? Go for it! Now is the time.

Flaunt Your Blushing Beauty

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Think in pink and every other love-inspired shade. Whatever your style palette, add an accessory in the color pink. Hues that are hot and bright like cotton candy and bubble gum look great to add pop and splash. But consider getting subtle with rose gold and shades of blush. Light, effervescent pinks offer elegance and grace. Choose kitten heels, booties, or a watch or bag in pink or rose gold — the color of romance.

Dress Up Your Phone

Your phone is the modern mode for love letters and sweet nothings, so dress it up in for the ambiance and style of the season. Your regular phone case is too basic for Valentine’s Day. Get a phone case that’s Valentine chic to mark the occasion. Choose red, pink or metallic in hard-case or wallet-style. And go ahead and unleash the love vibes. Get extra fancy and flirty with glitter or heart accents or a graphic that matches your selfie sensibility. Insta-love!

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