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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him Under $100

Gifts for Him

The man in your life deserves the perfect Valentine’s Day gift – something to wow and woo. Does he already have everything? Not possible! The key to surprise is honing in on that it-factor where you get him the ideal Valentine’s gift he didn’t even know he desired.

However, you don’t need to break your budget to give him the perfect present. Stay focused on what drew you in to begin with. Go for a gift that marks the occasion and celebrates the best parts of your relationship. Leave him moved and a little stunned at the way you know his heart!

Here is Armitron’s Valentine’s Day gift ideas under $100 that are sure to hit the spot.

Bestow Perfect Timing

him watch

Every man’s secret fashion addiction? The wristwatch. He can never have too many, and he always wants more. Make him truly happy with Armitron’s Stainless Steel Bracelet with Rose Gold-Tone Accents. This striking, handsome watch features a stainless steel faceplate with a grey etched dial, three subdials and an outer minute ring on the bezel. It looks substantial and mighty, but here’s the kicker: there are rose gold-tone accents on the sleek hour indices, the hands and the marker at hour 12. It’s a jolt of masculine drama on an attractive and classic analog design. Best of all, whenever he admires it (and he will!) he’ll be thinking of you.

Give Him Tools for the Soul

If you want to send a message that’s both serious and whimsical, get him a leather bound journal. The crisp blank pages speak to the emotions and adventures that are about to unfurl — and he can write it all down thanks to you. Go ahead and accessorize with a deluxe pen for smooth writing and sailing.

Unleash His Grooming Guru

Him Grooming

He’ll love a princely shaving kit, complete with all the classic accoutrements that make razors artsy. Gentlemen require a bowl and brush. If he’s rocking the beard thing, he’ll love receiving plenty of oils and combs. Show him you love his facial hair game — whatever mode it’s in.

Go for Va-Va-Vinyl

Him Vinyl

There’s nothing more romantic or mushy than music and its memorabilia. Even if he doesn’t own a turntable, he’ll still appreciate a favorite classic rock LP. He can frame it or put together a special scrapbook with his old concert tickets. You could also track down a concert tee from the band he was obsessed with in high school. Tap into his music memories on your way to his heart.

Pull His Heartstrings

Him Heartstrings

Offer something you made. It’s an old standard, but it still works. Knit him a scarf. Paint his portrait. Bake him a bunch of cookies. His heart will melt, and his mouth will water.

Indulge His Inner Fanboy

Go ahead and get him an action figure or bobble head from his favorite sci-fi show or movie franchise. Novelty boxers or briefs in the same theme will show him you accept his nerd side and are practically into it yourself!

Play Games, the Right Kind

He’ll love a cool party game. Get one that’s edgy and adult-themed or fun for any age. You can also think old-school with a retro edition of a classic board game. There’s romance in making eyes across the table while you strategize ways to win! Best of all, you’re giving him something you enjoy together. That’s a great way to celebrate love and Valentine’s Day.

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