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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her Under $100

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Is your Valentine’s Day go-to gift a box of chocolates and a last-minute bouquet? Time to step up your game. And that’s no problem when there are so many lush and romantic options that are easy on your budget. There’s no need for crazy spending sprees. The just-right gift is heartfelt, affordable and totally inspired.

Get ready, Romeo. Armitron has your hook-up for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift to make her swoon.

Be Charming

Charming Gift

Give her jewelry and an elegant timepiece in one romantic declaration. She will love the luxe luster of Armitron’s Rose Gold-Tone Charm Bracelet with Pearl Charms and Rose Gold-Tone Hearts. Beautiful perfection — with a price to match. This flirty and fancy bracelet watch shimmers with pearl and heart charms. Chic and delicate, her watch face features mother-of-pearl inlaid with crystal hour markers and rose gold hands. Expect blushes and smiles as she admires her breathtaking Valentine’s Day gift. It’s the kind of thing she can wear on special occasions or rock every day. Either way, when she sees it, she’ll think about you and how you got this one exactly right.

Capture the Moment

Moment Gift

Whether you have hundreds of phone pics detailing your relationship or just a few, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to get out of the digital zone with a unique Valentine’s Day gift. Find her favorite selfie or portrait of the two of you and go old school with a print-out hard copy. Give it to her matted in a pretty frame or have it canvas-wrapped. Easy and so sincere, and such a romantic way to mark your love.

Give a Golden Touch

Gold Gift

Be still her fluttering heart when she opens the box! She’ll see the most romantic watch on earth! Armitron’s Gold-Tone Analog Watch with Swarovski Crystals and Heart Accents drips with romance and the most elegant whimsy. Three solid gold-tone hearts cascade across the top of a genuine mother-of-pearl dial, etched with a spray pattern. Encircled crystals mark the hours with a large heart, outlined in gold, right around hour 7. The watch face is accented in sparkling crystals with a bracelet strap and fold-over buckle. You’d never guess something this beautiful (and expensive-looking!) comes at such a reasonable price. She won’t want to stop gazing at it — ever.

Get Spa-tastic

Spa Gift

Two words: bath bombs. You can’t miss with a Valentine’s Day gift that focuses on relaxation and indulgence. Personalize your choices by focusing on her favorite scents and colors. Go for deluxe lotions and body washes to accessorize. Add a votive candle for some aromatherapy, and you’ve offered her a romantic and extravagant treat.

Go with Poetry

Poetry Gift

A book is a true keepsake. You can even write a few mushy lines in the inscription inside the front cover. Three simple words will usually do! (Hint: “I love you.”) A romantic book packs a wallop at a reasonable cost. Get a special edition at a vintage bookstore or buy a new classic with a pretty cover. Consider a collection of sonnets. Or an anthology of love poems. How about a fresh hardback of her favorite book from childhood? Or something special related to a topic she mentioned once. Tailor your choice to her specific inner world, and you’ll knock this Valentine’s Day gift out of the park!

Class it Up

Class Gift

Give her an experience — one you can do together. Does she like art? Schedule a painting class. If one of her hobbies is cooking, do a one-night class on pasta-making or pastry. There’s an intro class out there for everything she has an interest in. This is the kind of gift that shows you know her heart and her passions. You’re paying attention and you’re giving an event — one filled with fun and pleasure.

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