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Travel Style Essentials: Pt. 2 Women’s Edition

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We are excited to present the second part in our Travel Style Essentials series. Today, we are showing off the perfect essentials for women.

Whether you’re off for a quick weekend away or a long and leisurely journey, travel requires planning. Getting organized doesn’t have to be stressful. Take the time to plan and prepare for the must-have items you’ll need to make travel just as relaxing as your destination. Designing your trip and packing your essentials can be half the fun.

Make your travel extra breezy. Smooth sailing and chic and easy style await.

Here are Armitron’s 7 Travel Style Must-Haves for Women

1. Prep for Activity: A Sports Watch

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Whether you’re racing to make a connection, doing reps in the hotel gym or cross-training on the beach, a Sports Watch keeps you fit and efficient. Armitron’s Digital Chronograph Watch with Hot Pink Resin Strap gives you a color pop and jolt of energy–with features that offer the precise timing you’ll need. Use your chronograph to track laps or reps. Dual time lets you track your home base as well as your port of call. Use your alarm and backlight when you’re on the go at any hour. Smooth travels guaranteed with this reliable and sporty timepiece.

2. Create Elegant Comfort: Linen Separates

women travel linen

Linen clothes feel like pajamas but look chic and classy when you glide from airport to hotel lobby. You need comfort on long flights or hours on the road, but there’s no need to dress overly casual. Experienced jet-setters wear linen so when they sashay through an international airport or market, they’re automatically sophisticated. Linen fabric looks great wrinkled or with sleeves rolled up. Go for neutral colors as your base: beiges, khakis and navies and accessorize with pops of color to add quick panache.

3. Plan for a Walking Tour: Dressy Flats

women travel flats

You’ll need a pair of shoes that look and feel great whether long walks are on your agenda or not. Chic and comfy flats are a great option if you want an alternative to sneakers. Flip-flops with adornments also keep you relaxed but still stylish–and they’re easy to put in a large purse if you want a style change along the way. Pop some cozy socks in your carry-on too in case you get cold.

4. Prepare for Little Detours: Emergency Kit

women travel cosmetic

You need a chic little cosmetic bag to fill with essentials for any “just in case” moments. Sewing kit. Band Aids. Ibuprofen. A nail file. A stash of extra cash. Ear plugs and anything else you’ll wish you had handy if you’re faced with a missed connection or anything else unexpected. Toss in a great paperback novel and yummy snack. You never know when you’ll need life’s little essentials.

5. Bring an Accessory that Elevates Your Look: A Beautiful Watch

women travel watch

Seasoned travelers know to pack light. There’s an art to using basics to go from day to night. The right watch can elevate a look from casual to formal. You’ll need an elegant timepiece to dress-up any outfit. Armitron’s Blush Leather Strap Watch adds a gorgeous elegance to any ensemble. The large 32-millimeter face is rimmed in a Rose Gold-Tone casement. The pale pink strap tapers. Little details make a big impact. You’ll feel prettier the second you put it on. The perfect pick-me-up and travel partner for your vacation.

6. Get Ready for Sun: The Perfect Shades

women travel sunglasses

Even your ski lodge can get hit with the brightest sun. So your favorite sunglasses are an absolute essential. Whether big Audrey Hepburn frames or retro aviators, sunglasses always look stylish. And, you can count on needing to pull them out for a little incognito sight-seeing.

7. Don’t forget the Memories: Camera and Tech Items

women travel camera

Make sure your phone has plenty of space for pictures–or pick up a great digital camera before you’re on your way. You’ll be happy for every single shot when you gaze back at your travels. Pack chargers and power banks and make sure your tech needs are covered.

Bon voyage!

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