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Tips to Transition Your Summer Pieces Into Fall

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You’re wearing your aviator shades, but leaves scatter on the ground. The sun’s going strong, but there’s a nip in the air. You’re cold in the mornings, but break a sweat by afternoon. Autumn brings pumpkin spice and cable-knit weather — and an awkward fashion phase right in between the seasons. No biggie! Armitron’s here with tips to keep your style easy and breezy right into fall.

No need to pack up your summer pieces. They’re perfect for the -ber months (September, October, November, December). Wear them with flair and keep your eye on function. Fall style is all about layers, lightness and color transformations.

1. Caramel Leather Looks

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Your Armitron Brown Leather Strap watch was perfect for cabana nights and linen beachwear. That same watch is also the ideal carry-over accessory for summer-to-fall looks. Rich and golden-hued, caramel leather matches the season and looks great with dressier work wear. Roll the sleeves on your oxford or blazer to show off the gold-tone dial and traditional analog faceplate. Best of all, the mother-of-pearl dial adds some subtle shimmer to a bright fall day.

2. G0 Gray with Metallic Silver

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You probably wore your Swarovski Crystal Analog Watch Silvertone Adjustable Link Bracelet out for drinks on the veranda and to every summer wedding. It was an iconic and elegant accessory for cocktails and other chichi events. That same sophisticated timepiece looks great with autumn ensembles, too. Silver and crystal are the perfect combination for adding some gray that’s anything but somber. Glints of sparkle around the mother-of-pearl dial give your wrist a little inspiration right when your days turn colder.

3. Luxe Layers with Tanks

Think you’re done with T-shirts, tank tops and those romantic cold shoulder blouses? Instead of packing them away, think of your tanks as the perfect base underneath a light sweater or cardigan that you can peel off if the temperature rises. Or consider putting your spaghetti strap tank blouse over a tissue-thin, soft T-shirt. Now you can keep that summer free-spirit vibe alive as the weather transitions.

4. Fancy Flow with Florals

Transition Florals

Your sundress is the ultimate base look for fall fashions. Add a denim jacket and a cute hat. Swap out your flip-flops with ankle booties. And depending on the temperature, go for some dark-colored tights or leggings. Cardigan — optional throughout your busy, still bohemian day.

5. Anchor Faded Denim

Transition Denim

Light denim jeans with rips in the knees may seem oh so summery, but they’re great for fall. Roll them up if it’s still hot outside and give them an anchor with a strong base color like a navy top and brown loafers or mules.

6. Ease Back to Black with Shorts and Mini’s

Black probably feels way too wintery and heavy for early autumn. So take your transition slow. Pair black shorts with T-shirts or light sweaters — and if there’s a nip in the air, shorts look hip and chic with tights underneath. A black mini or pencil skirt is also the perfect piece to shift your look toward the chillier season. Black gives your outfit a strong and dressy base. Don your favorite summer top and you’ll still feel comfy and cool.

7. Add Bombers and Blazers

Transition Jacket

Wear your regular summer styles as is — but add a chic bomber or sharp blazer. Push up the sleeves if you need to, but when a strong, cool breeze hits, you’re covered. Cut-off shorts and light sundresses look great with an easy, stylish jacket. Get a few new favorites to help take you through the season.

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