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Tips to Manage Your Time Now That You’re Back to School

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Back to school means sharpened pencils, pristine notebooks, the latest accessories and a fresh start to a new season. Time to get back on schedule! However, busy parents and students know that’s easier said than done.

Want your household to move like clockwork? Do you imagine an organized, smooth flow to daily operations? It all comes down to timing. Maybe you wish for one more hour of sleep in the morning and an extra fifteen minutes here and there because you think having more time makes it all come together. Not so.

The secret to excelling at time management isn’t more time (that you don’t have.) It’s managing (and mastering) the time that you do have. This doesn’t have to be daunting. In fact, with a little extra care (and a few more glances at your wristwatch), you can keep your family and schedule organized and totally relaxed.

Motivated Mornings: How to Save Time in the Mornings

Mornings don’t have to be mayhem. Before you tuck in at night, do a few “gifts to self” to make your morning easier.

1. Set Up the Kitchen in Advance

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Do you have a coffee maker with a timer? Use it. Get the lunch bags and morning menu ready. A little prep the night before will erase breakfast havoc.

2. Get Outfits Ready

Use Sunday evenings to choose a week’s worth of ensembles. Instead of putting away laundry, set up your kid’s looks for all five school days. Do the same for yourself to make mornings a breeze.

3. Plan Your Accessories, and Don’t Forget Your Watch

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You’ll need an elegant and reliable timepiece to stay organized and efficient. Choose one that’s smart-looking and comfortable. Armitron’s Stainless Steel Analog Mesh Bracelet Watch with Black Dial will give your morning a lift as soon as you put it on. Dark dials give off an air of sophistication, and a mesh bracelet looks professional while maintaining a casual vibe–cool and collected all the way.

Smooth Sailing in the Afternoon: How to Make the Most of Your Afternoon

Busy afternoons can be stressful. This time of day is filled with activities, dinner prep and homework. Keep it smooth and easy with a little perfect timing!

1. Do the Hard Stuff First

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Don’t save homework for later. Have your kids start it right when they get home from school. Deal with the school handouts, necessary signatures and all that paperwork as soon as you walk in the door.

2. Make Chores a Habit

As your kids walk through the house, remind them to hang up their coats and put their shoes in the closet. Are they heading to their room? Have them declutter and take some toys back to base camp on the way!

3. Schedule in Self-Care

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Your afternoons are busy, but the 30 minutes to an hour between finished homework and dinner is a great time to indulge in “me time”–for everyone in the family! Armitron’s handsome Leather Strap Watch with Blue Dial has a great look and three sub-dials. Use the blue bezel with minute markers to schedule some screen time, family yoga or anything else that relaxes you.

Sunset Means Serenity: How to Prepare for Tomorrow

The evening hours mean preparation. But, after those quickie tasks, the peace awaits!

1. Prepare Those Morning Gifts to Self

Take a little time to prepare for the morning. Organize your backpacks, clothes and accessories. Get ready for the morning routine.

2. Prioritize the Bedtime Ritual

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Keep your kids on a nighttime routine they enjoy, and make sure it’s the same every time. Pajamas and teeth brushing, one book, and then lights out!

3. Reflect and Restore

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The kids are sleeping, and you’ve prepped for tomorrow. It’s time for you to rejuvenate–in any way you want. Your evening hours are about luxurious peace. Glance at something pretty like Armitron’s Rose Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Mesh Bracelet with Swarovski Crystal Accents. Indulge in perfect timing. You deserve it!

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