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Tips to Make Your Dorm Look Amazing

Dorm Look Amazing

Dorm life awaits! Get ready for a whole new squad and a fresh take on what it means to live away from home. Your dorm room is about to become study-central, the place where you sleep and dream, and a social mecca for all your new friends. Your dorm is your personal zone for living well and keeping comfy while you’re away at college.

Here are Armitron’s tips for making your dorm look spectacular, inspiring and totally amazing.

Go for a Bedding Bonanza

Dorm Bedding

They don’t call it a comforter for nothing! Your bed will be your cushy comfort zone so do it up in your favorite colors and fabrics. Bring soft and luxe blankets in favorite colors. And there’s no such thing as too many throw pillows (or a teddy bear or two!) You can display pillows along the wall to create a makeshift couch or stack them up for a quick and easy desk-in-your-bed. Bring along extra sheet sets to make wash day easier. Choose colors and designs that you find peaceful and refreshing. Contact your roommate in advance to coordinate color schemes. Sweet dreams!

Harmonize with Must-Have Favorites

Dorm Watch

You may have heard not to overpack or bring too much with you. The key is to bring personal items that you love. A special accessory will inspire you when you’re away from home. Since time management is the key to success at college, be sure to bring your favorite watch. Armitron’s Rose Gold-Tone Analog Watch with Pink Leather Strap is perfectly pretty, and styled to motivate. The shimmery Mother-of-Pearl dial gives you a luxe touch with classic analog design. Store it in a charming trinket dish on your desk to keep you motivated and assured. Perfect timing all semester!

Style with Boho Swag

Dorm Boho

Your dorm room is the right place to get bohemian with touches of ultra-glam. You can display your free spirit in your living space and save the taskmaster for the library. Create a space to invigorate you with colorful touches that reflect your personality. Get a fluffy rug for the floor. Drape mini-lights around your bed and desk for ambience and insta-chic. Hang up a tapestry or posters with inspiring quotes. Your calendar is a staple, but use colored markers to add doodles and words that incentivize and encourage. You rock!

Don’t Forget Door Décor

Your dorm room door is your message board to the students and friends who share your living space. You’ll need a cute and chic dry erase board or sticker chalkboard to leave and receive messages. Your resident assistant usually chooses a floor theme and decorates the doors and hallways in advance. But you have free reign to add to the festivities with a name plate and fun pictures or cut-outs that express your personality. Students go all out with “Where am I?” charts—with options like “in class” or “napping!” So, feel free to cover your door with cute pics or college wisdom!

Get Clever with Storage Solutions

Dorm Storage

Dorm design is known for efficiency. Your space will feel tight unless you plan well. Make smart and chic storage solutions a part of your dorm style. A storage ottoman doubles as extra seating. Put your bed on risers so you can fit extra containers or drawers beneath. Choose a tiered rolling cart in a bright color that you can use as a nightstand or roll to your desk or closet as needed. Hang cute storage-pockets over your closet door. Use the colors you love and clever strategies to keep your dorm room neat and well-styled. Now you’re all set to excel!

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