5 Great Tips for Hosting an Amazing Thanksgiving

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Timing is everything. When it comes to Thanksgiving, you’re not just making dinner — you’re celebrating life itself. If you’re hosting the big Thanksgiving party this year, you can add that to your list of stuff to be grateful for.

Hosting the celebration is a big responsibility. It has a reputation of being stressful and even awkward. Don’t give in to that vibe! Your Thanksgiving event is your chance to shine — and flash some of that twinkle on your guests. If you pay attention to the timing, this year’s gathering will be the one they’ll remember.

Here are Armitron’s 5 tips for host a fantastic Thanksgiving celebration.

1. Commit to Perfect Timing

Thanksgiving Watch

Every great cook knows that the key to an awesome meal is timing. And at Thanksgiving, you’ll have several dishes going at once including the all-important bird. You’ll be orchestrating a symphony of moving dishes while coordinating oven temperatures and the food warmer. Not a problem.

Wear a maestro-level timepiece to give you virtuoso timing. Armitron’s Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Analog Watch with Adjustable Link Bracelet has a dark, sandblast dial, extra-large face plate, inner minute ring and a 24-hour sub-dial. You’re set to choreograph your kitchen to perfection. All while wearing a watch that’s as dapper as a tux, and just right for a chic party at home. Bon appétit, maestro!

2. Create a Magnificent Mood

Thanksgiving Mood

Create an inviting ambiance that relaxes your guests the moment they arrive. Get your playlist ready in advance. Stock it with relaxing instrumentals for dining, but opt for classic family favorites for when your loved ones arrive. Plan a place to stow coats and scarves. Keep a section open on your buffet or counter for any dishes or bottles your guests bestow. A warm welcome sets the stage for a great event right from the get-go.

3. Set Your Table with Flair

Thanksgiving Table

‘Tis the season to get fancy. Your Thanksgiving celebration is the perfect time to unpack all your good stuff. Dust off your heirloom crystal and candelabras, and set them out with pretty vintage votives. Mix and match silverware and china as long as it’s all dressy. Polish your stemware. And go big and extra with hand-lettered place cards. Add some charm with a few mini pumpkins or deluxe gourds over the tablecloth or runner.

4. Make the Moments Count

Thanksgiving Count

The best hosts and hostesses know that making your guests feel at home is what matters most. Give a moment (or more!) to each of your guests. Put the focus on them. Even a few minutes of your time can make all the difference. Refresh their drinks. Pay some heartfelt compliments. Ask them questions about something that really matters. Slow down and live inside the moments.

5. Give in to Grace and Gratitude

Thanksgiving Ladies Watch

Thanksgiving is all about marking the time to take note of the good things in life. Wear a timepiece to your event that celebrates the occasion with the dazzle it deserves. Armitron’s Swarovski Crystal Analog Watch with Rose Gold Link Bracelet is as beautiful and inspiring as genuine gratitude. With its mother-of-pearl dial and ripples of crystal sparkle on the rose gold bracelet, you have an elegant reminder to notice the details. That means noticing the time. What are you truly thankful for? You should be mindful of that question throughout the year, but really give in to it on Thanksgiving. You’re celebrating everything you have with those you care about. The list is long, but it all comes down to time. Give a little speech before the toast. Feel free to gush. It’s as easy as pumpkin pie!

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