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Tips to Host the Best Summer BBQ

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Fire up the grill! Bring out your platter of perfection. Get ready to flip some meat and slather some sauce. No rushing, though. The perfect barbecue is all about patience and timing. You need to get your searing station ready for precision. At the same time, you want to create the ideal ambiance for your guests.

Top-notch BBQ pros know all about flavor flair and temperature, but the key is controlling your timetable. Check out Armitron’s BBQ Host Guide to make your summer BBQ an awesome event for your guests.

Armitron’s Top Five BBQ Host Tips

1. Perfect the Timing for the Sizzle

Summer BBQ

Set up your grill so you have a burning hot area (for charring and cooking) and a lower heat section to keep things warm. Gauging grill temp can be an art form, but you can give your intuition some help with the second hand on your watch. With Armitron’s stylish, multi-function Stainless Steel wristwatch, you’re good to go. Keep an eye on your sweeping silver second hand against the dark dial face. Experts recommend holding your hand about five inches above the grill. If you can comfortably handle six seconds, your heat’s low to medium. If you can’t hold it there at all, you’ve reached prime grilling heat — the hottest and most even temperature for the best barbecue.

Keep your eye fixed on that watch to time everything you’re roasting and chargrilling. Awesome grillmasters boast perfect timing!

2. Curate the Menu

Even traditional dogs and burgers can use some extra tang if you want to impress. Get top-tier meat and dust it with spice and flavor. You can’t lose with a dry rub seasoning. Experts recommend you keep a marinade by the grill and brush over the goods as they sear to trap in moisture and zest. Go to town with side dishes, condiments and appetizers. Have a variety of beverage choices on hand. And the best hosts make sure they have options for vegetarians — they’ll savor grilled veggies on a skewer.

3. Get Casual, but Stay Chic

Summer BBQ

Wear clothes that are comfortable, but spiffy. You’re the host, and it’s a sign of respect to your guests to put a little extra panache into your attire on the day of your event. Backyard barbecues skew casual, but keep it chic. Handsome accessories are a great way to stay cool and stylish. Armitron’s Stainless Steel Analog Watch with Black Leather Strap gives you a subtle polish even if you’re laid-back. The traditional masculine dial offers a dash of luxury as you glance down to time the flames. Toss an apron over your digs while you’re at the grill, though.

4. Set the Stage

Get everything ready beforehand. Have plenty of supplies set up and ready for game-on well before showtime. You don’t want to be running to your kitchen or rummaging in cupboards while guests are arriving. Stash extra napkins, towels and utensils to the side. Be sure you’ve got plenty of ice and other essentials. And have a space to accommodate that bowl of potato salad or extra six-pack someone’s bound to bring along.

5. Give in to Your Social Butterfly

Summer BBQ

When you’re the host, you’ve got a lot on your mind. But if you’ve prepped in advance, your party’s running smoothly. Keep the playlist going and work the room — or the yard, in this case. Guests love to have personal face time with their host. Try to spend a few minutes with each guest. Check in on their food and drink needs. Accept compliments with charm and grace. And give yourself time to eat, drink and be merry. Because that’s what summer parties are all about. Clean-up can definitely wait until tomorrow!

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