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Headed Back to College? 5 Timely Tips to Succeed this Year

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There aren’t any shortcuts when it comes to college. The only way to truly succeed is to bunker down and actually do the work. You may hear rumors about profs who give “easy A’s” or students who never go to class and then ace the final, but chances are, these are just campus myths. You’re at college to study and learn, so you might as well get down to business.

What’s the Single Most Important Factor for College Success?

You guessed it. Time management.

You’re going to need the right watch. An accessory that comes with the functions that can keep you on track to succeed. Check out Armitron’s Black Digital Chronograph Sports Watch with Red Accents. This must-have accessory will make all the difference! Success guaranteed.

Armitron’s 5 Time Management Tips for Success at College

1. Use Your Watch’s Calendar to Keep Appointments

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Your professors have set weekly hours when their office is open for student visits. Make an appointment or drop right in. Students rarely use this valuable resource, because they’re shy or don’t have a specific question. You don’t need one. You can drop in to introduce yourself. If you do have a concern or issue as the semester goes forward, you’ve already established a connection. And remember: Professors don’t bite. Chances are, they’ll be happy to meet you.

2. Get a Planner and Write It Down

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Go old-school when it comes to time management. The act of writing down a list or an appointment keeps it front and center in your mind. You’re more apt to follow your schedule. Armitron’s Chronograph Sports Watch comes with 12/24 hour time so you can break your day into the full 24-hour clock with ease. Schedule out every hour — including sleep time and middle-of-the-night cramming sessions.

3. Cut Projects Into Manageable Chunks

Use your alarm function to manage studying, and be sure to schedule in breaks. There’s nothing harder than writing a paper or studying for an exam all in one go the night before. And your grade will show it. So don’t wait until the last minute. Start big projects well in advance. Set your alarm to go off in short intervals. Study intensely, then take a break. You can use your chronograph stopwatch to keep yourself on task. Huge projects aren’t daunting at all when you break them into small, manageable chunks of time.

4. Always Go to Class

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You can also set your alarm to go off about 15 minutes before every class so you make sure to go. Slacking might feel good in the moment, but it’s never a good idea to miss even one class. The commitment to attendance can make all the difference in your success. Most professors have attendance policies that can give your grade an added boost or tear it down a notch if you’re on the cusp. Once you’re in class, the best policy is to sit in the front row. You’ll be more engaged and participate more often. Your prof will get to know you too. Small adjustments like sitting in the front row and participating make success that much easier.

5. Schedule in Self-Care

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Your study sessions will be optimized if you use your downtime wisely. Hang out with your friends, but also give yourself time to exercise and recharge. Schedule in some meditation or yoga. A high-powered workout helps you relax and manage any stress. Your Chronograph Watch gives you the option to track your fitness with lap time. Measure your endurance and speed over short intervals while you’re in the pool or on the track.

A sharp Sports Watch is the ideal accessory to keep you fit and fashionable. But don’t forget that it’s also a tool — filled with the utilities and functions that make sure you’re successful at college. We hope everyone headed back to school has a great year!

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