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Summer Essentials for 2017

Summer Essentials

Here comes the first day of Summer 2017 and this year’s sunny season brings style and comfort in a variety of trends and items that remix summertime living. Fresh and forward trends signal “in with the old” and mash-it up with the new, the bold and the singularly beautiful. This summer is all about retro vibes and remixing classic design with modern perfection.

Armitron is here for you with your summer style set-up. Here is your essential need-to-know style and item guide to keep cool during the hottest months.

10 Summer Essentials

1. Bright Color Wrist Candy

Summer Essential Watch

This season is all about confident color. New fashions feature upbeat hues that reflect the natural world in all its splendor. Bright forest greens. Blues that echo the sky and ocean. Armitron’s Digital Watch with Light Green Resin Strap gives you an aqua pop. Your wristwatch reads like a turquoise ocean near a pink sand beach. You’ll also get a sleek tech look that fits in with on trend Athleisure wear. Comfort and style for on-the-go living.

2. Retro Sunglasses

Summer Essential Sunglasses

Oversize aviators. Classic Ray-bans. Steal your Dad’s old frames and make them your own. Think Tom Cruise in Top Gun or Risky Business and you’re right on trend for eyewear that’s chic, classy, vintage-inspired and totally timeless.

3. Punk-a-delic 80’s Retro-Wear

Hey rebel, rebel. The 80s are back and they want to be your fashion revolution. Get a punk edge by mixing ruffles with ripped jeans and your leather motorcycle jacket with some lacy frills. Add streaks of color to your hair and get bold with metallics. Iconoclasm rules.

4. Make-a-Statement Tees

Your medium is your message. This season is all about saying it loudly and proudly. Get a shirt that bears your slogan, your favorite band or brand of sarcasm, your best lesson, or just a casual note to self. Summer 2017 lets you make your point in ready-to-wear style.

5. Timepiece Tech: Classic Chronograph

Summer Essential Watch

Chronograph wrist watches represent enduring technology. Minimalist and chic, this trend highlights function and interaction. Armitron’s Red Digital Chronograph Sport Watch with Black Accents gives you utility, bold color and precision performance. Summer watch style points toward sleek and efficient confidence during work or play–especially when they’re simultaneous.

6. Backyard Whimsy

Summer Essentials Backyard

The fairies are on the way. So are lightning bugs, mint juleps and fresh lemonade at twilight. Fairy strand lights are right on trend. Swirl them into a mason jar and set them on the porch or patio for some quick and easy magic.

7. Pajama-rama Time

Summertime style means luxe and elegant casual comfort. Slip-on loafers. Sleek slides. Bright white sneakers. Bathrobe trench coats. Wide-leg waist-cinch lounge pants. Whatever your fancy, pajama style is back in style. Go with the flow and relax it up!

8. Beverage Bottle Bravado

Summer Essentials Water Bottle

Get going and get green. This summer everyone has a deluxe metallic bottle that keeps coffee piping hot or ice cubes chilled for hours. Technology meets eco-chic. Get one or two to match your mood.

9. Belt Bag Redux

They used to be called fanny packs. But now that nerd style is cool again waist bags and belt bags are making a fashion comeback. And why not? Hands free function makes sense and looks good.

10. Power Stash Polish

Summer Essentials Battery

This summer’s must-have item is a back-up power bank or otherwise portable battery for your go mode activity. Get one with flair and charm, a pop of bold color, or your personalized message and you’ll be set with every essential for a knock-out nifty fashion forward summer.

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