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The 2017 Summer Adventure Watch You Need

summer adventure

It’s always summer somewhere! Summer means kicking back, heading out on that much-needed vacation and basking in the heat. But for explorers and wanderlusters, summer means one thing and one thing only: summer means adventure.

You’ve probably got your surfboard or mountain bike already loaded. Your pack is efficiently filled with your curated, must-have supplies. Your gear is ready and waiting by the door. Grab your map and your buddies and formulate your plan. Because summer is here and it’s time for adventure. Get ready to go.

Experienced outdoorsmen know they need a top-notch Adventure Watch before they hit the trails or the scale the peaks. They need a watch that’s durable and loaded with functions. Their go-to watch also needs to look good and feel good. No sacrificing on style or comfort. Or on price. No worries there. Armitron’s got you covered this summer. Behold the AD/1011. An Adventure Watch that’s perfectly ready for whatever adventures you dream up this summer.

Top Five Features of Armitron Adventure’s AD/1011

1.     Your Built-in Weatherman

summer adventure

A Wrist Watch that Keeps Track of the Weather, So You Don’t Have To.

Summer weather requires a close eye on the details. Heat, sun and storms can make or break your trek or climb. You need to know more than just the temperature. You need a full-on weather station. The AD/1011 features your temperature reference for easy access. But the AD/1011 comes with so much more. You can track readings on wind chill and wind speed–and also navigate the direction.

2. Take All the Time You Need

summer adventure

This Digital Watch Comes with a Stopwatch and Countdown Timer.

How long until you reach the summit? How many days until base camp arrival? Set your countdown timer from up to a maximum of 100 hours. You can gauge your distance traveled across days. You’ve also got a stopwatch for real world experiments. Clock distances and time activities to measure endurance. Your stopwatch keeps you efficient and primes your performance.

3. No Pressure Problems

summer adventure

This Watch Comes Equipped with an Altimeter and Barometer.

Every skilled outdoorsman knows the value of a barometric pressure gauge–because it keeps you apprised of any advancing summer storms or major changes in the weather. When the barometer shifts, you know the weather is about to change with it. You’ll have time to prep and plan if needed. You’ve also got an altimeter to measure your altitude. It tracks atmospheric pressure so you can keep apprised of your altitude as you climb or descend.

4. Global Precision

You’re plugged into World Time with Access to Multi-Time Zones on Your Wrist.

Your AD/1011 has time readings for 28 major cities across the globe. That’s the perfect feature for trekkers who cross time zones–or any adventurer who wants to keep track of the time beyond borders to coordinate communication about business or play.

5. Perfect Timing All the Way

summer adventure

An Outdoor Adventure Watch with Alarm and Lap Memory Functionality.

Use your five alarms to schedule wake-ups, cool-downs, breaks or any other necessary alerts. You’ve also got an hourly chime which hikers and campers use to keep track of daylight hours. Your chronograph with lap time lets you track laps or any short distances for yourself or your hiking buddies.

Your ultimate adventure watch comes in black or yellow so you’re guaranteed to love the look. But the functions are what make the AD/1011 the perfect watch for all your summer excursions. It’s the adventure tracker that you want. It fills your every need out on the trail. Now get going. Summer’s here.

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