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Style Your Watch like a Fashion Blogger with Georgie McCarthy

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Do you read fashion blogs all the time and love receiving style inspiration, but you aren’t sure where to start in your own closet? Georgie McCarthy, style blogger and student, of the Style Transplant dropped by the Many Faces Blog to share some tips for Styling Your Armitron Watch like a Fashion Blogger, which are perfect for fall. 

An essential fall accessory I’ve been rocking this fall is my gold Armitron watch.  I have been experimenting with all types of outfit combinations and partner accessories.  After researching how all of the most fashionable of fashion bloggers are styling their watches this fall, I’ve compiled a list of tips for styling your Armitron watch like a fashion blogger!

Choose the Watch that Fits Your Style

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First of all, you have to pick the watch that best reflects your style and will be easy to incorporate into your everyday outfits.  With Armitron’s vast selection, it’s easy to find the perfect whether that’s a sportier piece or a classic, feminine style.  Fashion bloggers will always choose things that reflects their personal style.  I chose this gorgeous gold and black timepiece that I knew would look amazing with so many of my favorite outfits.

Partner with Delicate Accessories

Next, you need to find some delicate accessories to complement your watch.  This is where fashion bloggers can get quite creative, and you should too!  You can pair it mix your metals, add some rope or leather bracelets, or tie a neck scarf around your wrist.  I opted for delicate accessories that would complement the watch while still letting it shine.

Wear a Solid Color on Top

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In order for your arm candy to truly shine, you should wear something solid on top.  If a fashion blogger wants to highlight a gorgeous top, they’ll wear a crisp white button-up, a simple cozy sweater, or in my case, a solid colored statement top!

Match Your Bag

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In true fashion blogger form, I chose a black and gold bag to match my watch.  The matching of colors and metals helps to tie the watch in with the rest of the outfit.

Next time you put on your favorite timepiece, remember to check these tips to style it like a fashion blogger yourself!  Use these tips and you’ll be the most fashionable person in the room and your gorgeous watch can shine beautifully.  If you want to see more of me be sure to check out my blog at or follow me on Instagram at @georgiemac3.

Georgie x

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