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Staying Healthy During the Winter Months


It’s time to bundle up and guard against the chill. You may be hearing more about cold and flu season, but you don’t have to give up on great health during winter. The colder months are all about making your health and wellness a top priority. Just take care of yourself. Easier said than done? Not at all. With a few fun and easy daily habits, you can stay strong, bold and healthy even when it’s cold out.

Check out Armitron’s guide to staying healthy during winter.

1. Get in Gear

healthy gear

Even if you don’t have to walk miles in snow (like Grandpa!), you should still prepare for winter weather. It’s the little things that matter and that make all the difference. Don’t skimp on layers or walk out the door without checking the forecast. Stock up on lip balm and extra-thick socks. Bring your water bottle to stay hydrated, and make sure you have a hat and gloves — and stash an extra pair in your car or at work. Don’t get caught out in the cold. Bundle up and be prepared!

2. Schedule Your Workouts

healthy workouts

Face it, exercise feels good. Moving your body and breaking a sweat is great for your health. That’s an added bonus. You’re doing your body a favor when you make time for fitness. So make it a part of your daily routine. Shoot hoops with friends, do some yoga, or swim some laps to keep strong and healthy. To give your routine an extra boost, set goals and track progress with an awesome sports watch. Take a look at Armitron’s Digital Chronograph Watch with Black Resin Strap and Orange Accents. The large dial features a chronograph with lap time to measure performance and optimize goals. Strong, durable and sharp looking, this is a watch you won’t want to take off.

3. Redefine Comfort Food

healthy food

During winter, you want to go for carbs and sweets. But eating right is one of the best ways to maintain your health and stay strong. Instead of fast food or too-rich appetizers, think of the ways you can use food to nurture your health. Resist your in-the-moment impulses, and use food to make you feel good in the best ways. Think of hearty stews and healthy casseroles. Grandma’s chicken soup-type recipes. Whole-grain rolls and steamed veggies. The best comfort food is the stuff that’s good for you. Put your diet focus there.

4. Manage Your Time Well

healthy time

Stress affects your immune system. So it’s vital to find ways to stay calm and focused. Manage your time well, and the rest of your life falls into place. Don’t accept stress as a given. Use a sleek and simple wristwatch to keep you on schedule. Consider Armitron’s Digital Chronograph Watch with Black Resin Strap and White Accents. The chic design features flexible style with a range of functions. You get dual time, an alarm, a chronograph, 24-hour time and a countdown timer. Use the hourly chime to schedule downtime or meditation. You deserve it, plus it keeps your health on point.

5. Prioritize Sleep

healthy sleep

You need your sleep. There’s just no way around it. Yes, you’re busy, but one of the best ways to stay healthy is to get solid and consistent rest. Set your watch alarm for an hour before tuck-in so you can start to wind down. Make your bedroom calm and relaxing. Put away your phone and other devices. Prioritize the zzz’s, and you’ll feel restored by morning.

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