Start your Adventure with Deanna Chase

Adventures with Deanna

We are excited to have Deanna Chase, engineer by day and adventurer by night, featured on our Many Faces Blog. She talks all about what adventures help her relax and offers a few tips to help you start your adventure. 

Adventures with Dog

I am an engineer by trade and an outdoor adventurer at heart. I moved to Arizona in 2013 to work at Honeywell Aerospace and have absolutely fallen in love with the state because of all of the adventures available to me year-round. While my boyfriend, Nick, and I spend our weekdays working on jet engines, we do our best to spend our free time out in nature– fishing, hiking, kayaking, camping, and taking pictures. Our German Shepherd puppy, Tula, is an outdoor junkie and comes on many of our adventures with us!

Adventures at Work

At Honeywell, I am a project engineer and manage various aspects of a commercial engine program, so no day is the same. One day, I could be leading customer meetings, and the next day, I could be elbow deep in an engine, supporting research engine testing. It can be pretty high-stress at times, but I absolutely love it because it keeps me on my toes, and I never get bored.

Adventures Outdoors

Once I make it to the end of the work week grind, or even the end of a long day in the office, relaxation and stress release are a top priority for me. The outdoors is my escape. As someone who works a day job but loves to make the most of my free time, there is nothing more perfect than heading out on an adventure. It’s not always easy balancing a 9-5 job and adventuring, so Nick and I do our best to find local adventures that are easy to access. Don’t worry about how elaborate or exciting the location is, just get out there and start your adventure, even if it’s just for a couple of hours! A little adventuring goes a long way in maintaining the delicate work-life balance.

Adventures with Watch

I haven’t found many things that link our engineering careers and our adventure lifestyles, but our Armitron Adventure watches have been able to bridge the gap. In order to balance a career in engineering, adventuring, and a high-energy 6 month old puppy, knowing what time it is, staying organized, and keeping on track is so important to me. Because of its sleek style and durability, the watches are perfect for all aspects of our life. Since all of the Armitron Adventure watches are waterproof, and many of our favorite models are solar powered, they are exactly what we need for our Arizona adventures. I know whether I’m playing with Tula, presenting in front of customers, working on an engine, or heading on an adventure with Nick, my Armitron Adventure watch will look great and hold up to the challenge at the same time.

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