‘Spring Forward’ with Daylight Saving Time

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Winter’s still here, but spring is just around the corner. You may have already sensed it is on the way. The daylight hours are lasting a little longer and the morning light seems to start earlier. It’s almost that occasion again — when daylight saving time arrives.

When Do You Spring Ahead for Daylight Saving?

Get ready to spring forward. Daylight saving time always begins on the second Sunday in March. Time jumps forward a full hour right at 2 a.m. At that instant, the time officially springs to 3 a.m. It’s probably a good idea to set your watches ahead before you head to sleep that night — that way you’ll be set and ready to go in the morning.

How Long Does it Last?

The time won’t “fall back” until November . On the first Sunday in November, you’ll set your watch back an hour at 2 a.m. At that point, it becomes 1 a.m. and you’ll gain back the hour you lose in the spring.

What are the benefits?

You’ll technically lose an hour, but the gains are vast, which is why daylight saving time is a tradition that’s stuck around.

Expect a Boost in Your Activity

Spring Forward Activity

That extra daylight has profound effects on your lifestyle. Studies show that there’s a boost in tourism and the economy when the days are longer. Everyone wants to get out and about, so restaurants and other industries see increases in activity. You’re also generally safer. Longer daylight hours make you less prone to accidents because light helps you see better. There’s also a measurable drop in crime because of better light.

You Feel Extra Motivated

Spring Forward Motivated

Daylight saving has a valuable impact on energy. Our society uses less artificial light during the longer days of spring and summer. But these seasons also allow for plenty more outdoor activity. You’ll feel a natural inclination to head outdoors, so you’ll end up with an increase in exercise and activity. You’ll naturally want to do more and you’ll have extra time for evening hikes or strolls. Your days have added time that often translates to a better mood and less stress.

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You Get a Fresh Start for Spring

Spring Forward Fresh

The advent of spring is all about new beginnings. You want to start your spring season with an emphasis on healthy living. Indulge in self-care habits. Some studies have shown that your health can take a hit from losing just one hour of rest from daylight saving. Your body has a natural rhythm and even minor upsets can throw off your game. Be conscious of how the daylight saving time shift affects you. Nurture yourself in the days before and after. Give yourself the time to adjust and extra rest if you need it.

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Don’t forget to set that alarm an hour later on the second Sunday in March. You’re losing an hour, but you’re gaining a new season. Ready, set, go for it!

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