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Spending Time Outdoors: 5 Places to Visit this Fall


The morning air has that crisp, cool edge. Leaves are starting to fall and swirl. You can’t leave the house without a jacket. The shift from summer to autumn is a wondrous time. Whatever your feelings about pumpkin spice and gourds, be sure you don’t miss the genuine pleasures of the season.

Take the time to focus in on natural beauty and seasonal wonders. Make this fall one that you’ll always remember. You may get too busy and forget to settle into moments. Don’t think of time as something controlling you. Let it be your guide.

Your wristwatch isn’t your task-master. Think of it as your mindfulness guru. Encouraging you to enjoy the finer things. Your watch helps you pay attention to your life right as you’re living it.

In autumn, focus on the details. And choose the watch that helps you along.

Perfect Autumn Armitron Watches to Guide You

For Women

Outdoors Women

Ladies can get classic with Armitron’s Gold-Plated Analog Watch with Brown Leather Strap and a white, pearlescent dial. This beautiful timepiece matches the richness of the season. The colors capture fall’s best mood, with harvest gold, caramel and cream, you’re ready for outdoor adventure. Traditional, analog design matches every style, dress it up-or-down. You have the perfect accessory for wine-tasting or bike rides. Or both!

For Men

Outdoors Men

It’s time to go gold. All the way. Think corn cobs, harvest wheat, chardonnay and luxury. Autumn style means indulging in nature’s majesty. Make a statement with Armitron’s Stainless Steel Gold-Tone Multi-Function Bracelet Watch. Handsome, bold and efficient, you have the ideal timepiece to take you from work to play, and from serious to carefree. Three sub-dials, an outer minute index and classic analog precision keep you sharp-looking and always on time.

Let’s Go: Armitron Explores 5 Fall Outdoor Destinations

1. Pumpkin Spice It Up

Outdoors Pumpkin

Remember those pumpkin patch field trips in grade school? Those aren’t just for kids anymore. Pumpkins come in an array of sensational varieties now: green, white, and every shade of rouge and orange. Head to a farm or orchard and check out all the specialty pumpkins. Keep on an eye on your watch. Don’t miss a hayride at sunset.

2. Indulge in Fall Foliage

Outdoors Foliage

Think they’re just dry leaves? Think again. You haven’t really lived until you’ve taken a foliage tour. Take a train tour through one of the many spectacular regions that offer the best views of foliage shifting from lush green to red, gold and nutmeg and pumpkin to deep, rich brown. Take a look at your watch once in a while. Mark the moment. It’s special.

3. Vineyard Splendor

Outdoors Vineyard

Vineyards go all out in the “ber months.” October or November are some of the best times of year to stop in for splendid wine-tasting. Good food, a gorgeous setting, and great company. Make sure you save enough time to stroll the grounds. Glance at your watch. Those extra minutes of mindful? Totally worth it.

4. Fall Festival Finery

There are festivals every weekend. Check your local happenings to find food and drink fests with wine and craft beer galore, pumpkin fests, music fests, and enough arts and crafts shows and farmer’s markets to get you in the mood for good times and gourds. Plan ahead. And see the time. You can make it to all of them!

5. Bike It or Hike It

Outdoors Hike

Your outdoor excursion doesn’t have to be fancy or scheduled in advance. It’s the season for making the moments count. Look at your watch again. It’s a beautiful thing. Sure, you’ve got time. Hop on your bicycle and ride through a park. Go for a hike. Or just take a stroll through your city. The leaves crunch under your feet. You’re spending your time well. That’s what it’s all about in autumn.

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