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Smart Speaker Fail: Alexis verses Time

Armitron partnered with creative comedy agency and video production company Skitish Media, to create the video “Smart Speaker Fail.”

About Skitish Media

Located in NYC, Skitish Media leverages their network of top-level comedians to tell brand stories through comedy. Skitish partnered with one of NYC’s premier comedy clubs, Stand Up NY, in order to help create comedy production in the marketing space.

The video was created to relate to a new generation of watch-wearers. Many are influenced by the wave of technology that replaces the need for a classic timepiece by throwing a digital clock on every type of electronic device.

“We all know that developing compelling content that will engage and entertain an audience is a tough task. In this case, we partnered with Armitron to share their brand message by infusing comedy into it,” said Yehuda Meiteles, Co-Founder of Skitish Media.

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About the Video

In the video, a young man is reading a book and calls out to “Alexis”—his artificial intelligent speaker—and asks for the time. This brings about a lengthy discussion in which the man is unable to simply get the time from Alexis. The ending has Alexis posting a negative statement to the man’s social media at which point he realizes he just needs to buy a classic watch to actually find out the time.

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