Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts

Romantic Gifts

Who’s your crush? Time for romantics to fully rejoice. What’s the best way to blast off the midwinter chill? Indulge in passion. Valentine’s Day provides the perfect excuse to bask in the glory of romance. It’s the holiday that focuses on love, courtship, and affairs of the heart. Let your partner, spouse, or bae-to-be know how you feel through the perfect present. Give a gift that oozes romance and sets off that true-love groove.

Here’s Armitron’s guide to the most romantic gifts you can give your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day.

Something that Sparkles

Romantic Sparkle

Go for heart-shapes and twinkle! When you want her to know she’s the light in your life and the star in your sky, give her a gift that dazzles and shines. Consider Armitron’s Rose Gold-Tone Bracelet Set with Swarovski Crystal Accents when you want to offer stunning jewelry. The set comes with a radiant watch with a Mother-of-Pearl dial embedded with crystal hour markers, and interlocking, two-tone, crystal-encrusted hearts. The matching bracelet design delicately links two hearts. Effortlessly romantic and ever-beautiful.

Table for Two

Romantic Dinner

Plan the perfect night out. Candles. Cloth napkins. Champagne. Dinner can be so romantic. Make a reservation at your valentine’s favorite restaurant—or a new choice you’ve been meaning to try. Request an extra-romantic table. Share bites and indulge in the moment. If you’re feeling extra-adventurous, create the same experience at home with your own recipes. Light candles to set the mood!

Say it with Sound

Romantic Sound

Need to touch the heart of someone cool, sporty and ultra-hip? Spark up the romance with a gift that’s practical, but on point in the love department. Armitron’s Red Silicon Strap Watch with Red Speaker says it all with sound and color. The sport watch with LCD display comes loaded with fun functions and has a sleek, modern design. The red wireless speaker adds the cherry on top. Sync it with your phone or tablet. Dance the night away (wherever you are!) and enjoy the time together.

Make it Personal

Romantic Personal

Jazz up the romance with a gift that speaks to your unique bond. Choose something special that’s just between the two of you. What’s your darling’s favorite book from childhood? Find a first edition or a signed copy. Do you remember the concert they’ve been raving about for years? Order a memento from the band. Think of inside jokes, your special history, and anything else that shows you’re paying attention to the details. It really is the thought that counts, especially when it comes to love.

Play Up the Passion

The most romantic Valentine’s Day gifts go full-throttle when it comes to excitement, so feel free to light it up. Choose items that are soft and fluttery. Go for treats that enliven the senses. Think perfumes, chocolates and other flirtatious-friendly items. Traditional Valentine’s Day gifts ooze romance when they’re chosen with intention.

Give in to Wanderlust

Romantic Wanderlust

There’s nothing so romantic as a weekend getaway. Whether you book a trip to a tropical island or a cosmopolitan city, the point is to take time alone just for the two of you. Visiting new places together amps up opportunities to get sentimental and affectionate. You get to fall in love all over again. The secret? It doesn’t even matter where you go, as long as you go there together!

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