Preparing for an Outdoor Adventure: What you Need to Know

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When adventure beckons, you know it’s time to get up on the mountain or out on a trail. Whether the excursion takes you to a lake, a summit or a slope, it will need advanced preparation – outdoor explorations always require focus and consideration. You might think it’s fine to hop out and go, but experienced trekkers know that advanced planning makes all the difference once you’re out in nature.

Get prepared and focus on the details. Here are the top tips on how to get started, and what kind of gear you’ll need if you’re planning an outdoor adventure.

Armitron’s Adventure Planning Kit: Your Must-Know Tips and Must-Have Gear

Get prepared and focus on the details. Here are the top tips on how to get started, and what kind of gear you’ll need if you’re planning an outdoor adventure.

Top 3 Steps to Prepare for a Successful Outdoor Excursion:

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Know Your Environment

You’ll want to become familiar with the location – even if you’ve been there before. Do some research on trail updates and other changes that might affect your journey, and then read destination reviews or grab a travel guide. You’ll take along a map, of course, but make sure you look at it, along with your GPS, before you hit the trail. And make sure you get a strong sense of what to expect for wildlife danger (snakes, bears and the like). You’ll also need the facts on critters you want to run into, so look for bird guides and other information charts.

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Check Out the Weather

You know what to expect from the seasons in general, but take a look at the forecast in advance to gauge specifics. Get a sense of any upcoming storms or fluctuations so you can plan accordingly. Experienced hikers want knowledge about barometric pressure and the details beyond temperature. Get prepared. Gear up with Armitron’s AD/1011, which features a weather station. It tracks the windspeed, wind chill, height above sea level, temperature and direction among other features. This style helps you adapt to the conditions of your environment so that your set for your adventure.

Bring a Friend

Most experts recommend that you don’t go on your adventure alone. If you do, make your plans known – be sure to leave details and contact info with friends and family at home. And if the route is intense or you’re a newbie, take along a guide or experienced trekker. You probably wouldn’t have any trouble finding adventure-seekers to go with you.

Top 3 Must-Have Items for Outdoor Adventure

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Gear for the Unexpected

The forecast said sun and heat; now all of that humidity has burst open in a downpour. That’s not a problem if you have rain gear in your pack – a rain poncho doesn’t take up much space. You’ll love that you had the foresight for extra socks and a few waterproof pouches for essentials you need to keep dry, such as your phone and matches. Experts recommend dressing in layers you can add or remove as needed.

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A Reliable Outdoor Adventure Watch

Outdoor adventurers have the right shoes and a comfortable backpack. Be certain that you also have a durable and reliable timepiece. Yes, adventures are all about a break from the workday world, but you still need a read on Adventure Time. A strong wristwatch is an essential piece of equipment.

Check out Armitron’s Solar-Powered Analog Watch with Black Stainless Steel Bracelet. The solar cell charges from any kind of light, and it holds a charge for a full four months. You’ll need this kind of reliability without the hassle of batteries or charging stations. The large dial and super-strong faceplate and strap provide strength you can count on at any time of day or night – and in any environment.

Sustenance and Other Aid

Chances are, you won’t need your first aid kit or your emergency supplies, but make space for them anyway. Preparation is key. Bring sanitizer, compass, canteen, water purifiers, duct tape, a good knife and other essentials. Pack protein bars, and make sure you have enough food and water to keep you hydrated and energized.

Once you follow these tips you’ll be good-to-go. You’re ready to embark on the next great adventure!

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