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4 Best Tips for Post-Holiday Shopping

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Are you ready to revel in the gifts you gave and received? Feeling all shopped out? Don’t put away your wallet just yet! Late December isn’t only a time to relax. It’s one of the best times of the year to go shopping. You may need to return or exchange the gifts that just won’t work, and while you’re at it, you might as well indulge in retailers’ next round of sales and slashed prices. Post-holiday shopping events rival Black Friday as one of the best times of the year to find bargains and deals.

There’s no need to slow down your shopping just yet. Give your wristwatch a glance, set your alarm, and head back to the stores (or their websites) to feast on the deals.

Armitron’s 5 Best Tips for Post-Holiday Shopping

Extend Your Hours

Post-Holiday Extend

Retailers extend their extended hours even though the holidays are over — so be sure to take advantage. Go early and stay late. Most stores (and websites) have huge deals in place. Pay attention to sales and any extra percentage-off coupons. The best part about post-holiday shopping trips? The pressure’s off! Use the extra store hours for stress-free shopping filled with fun.

Time for Gifts to Self

Post-Holiday Watch

This round is all about you. You spent the holidays buying gifts for others, so the post-holidays are perfect for me-time shopping. One thing you know for sure, no one is quite as good at picking out the exact right gift for you as you are! Now’s the time, and you deserve it.

Go for luxury that hits your sweet spot. Spend wisely on something you love that will last. Consider Armitron’s Two-Tone Analog Watch with Silver Mesh Bracelet and Gold-Tone Accents. This classically gorgeous timepiece is delicate and dazzling. Analog design gives you sophisticated style that lasts forever. You also get to indulge in crystal accents, two-tone metallic shimmer and a luxe mesh bracelet strap. Investing in yourself is rarely this beautiful — or affordable!

Research Your Returns

Post-Holiday Returns

Most stores have their own super-specific return policies. You won’t want to be surprised or disappointed at the exchange counter, so check out store rules in advance. That way, you’ll know exactly what to expect. Holiday season purchases usually have tighter return schedules. So if you want to take it back, the time is now.

If you have a return receipt, the process should be smooth and easy. But many gift givers neglect to include them, so you may end up with store credit at a lower price. Don’t sweat it. You’ll probably be able to find something you love. Plan time to browse or switch to a different item all together. The key to returns is to find something you truly want.

Stay in the Holiday Spirit

Post-Holiday Spirit

You may not be in the holiday mood, but try to summon it and keep it going! Right after the holidays is the absolute best time to buy holiday-related items. Prices are slashed, and retailers are anxious to move these products out the door. Smart shoppers think ahead and use the post-holiday period to get huge savings on decor, wrapping paper and all the trimmings. You’ll thank yourself when you unpack your cool stash of bargains just in time for next year’s season!

Go on a Gift Card Expedition

Post-Holiday Gift Card

You’ll get more bang for your gift card bucks if you shop during sale season. Don’t pack away your gift cards for a rainy day. Pull them out and go on a treasure spree for the things you need and desire. That’s what the giver intended — to give you what you want with some extra pleasure attached. So think of post-holiday shopping as a treasure trek, and have yourself an awesome time!

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