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How to Plan Your Resolutions for 2019

New Years Resolutions

Ready, get set—on to 2019! It’s finally here. Your new year brims with possibility. You’re poised for a fresh start. January gives you a chance to hit refresh and push the automatic reset button. When you plan your resolutions, keep what you love and revise the rest. New Year’s resolutions offer you a chance to organize your mindset and create new life goals. The ideal resolution plan is realistic and doable, but it should also inspire you.

Here are Armitron’s tips on the best ways to plan your resolutions for the new year.

Target Your Timing

new years resolution timing

New Year’s resolutions come down to one thing—time management. Start the new year with a wristwatch that can help you meet your goals and keep your timing on track. Armitron’s Digital Chronograph Watch with Black Silicone Strap and Grey Accents comes loaded with functions to help you manage your days. The function-filled, dusted-metallic faceplate comes with a chronograph, alarm and night light. Features help you plan your hours and optimize your daily routine. With an easy-to-read face and stylish design, you’ve got a ready made calendar right on your wrist. Ready for action!

Stay True to Yourself

new years resolutions self

When you plan your resolutions, remember that they’re all about you. Don’t feel like you have to conform to societal expectations around success. Keep your resolutions specific to your own needs. Think of them as re-soul-lutions. Your resolutions should speak to your soul. One common goal is to be more productive. But it’s probably not going to stick if you’re working on something that doesn’t move you. If you’ve always wanted to take up painting, write a book, or join a softball team, aim your productivity goals in those directions. You’ll be excited to get going and it won’t feel like a chore.

Make Fitness Fun

new years resolutions fitness fun

The most popular New Year’s resolutions are health-focused. Create a plan that makes working out fun. Your fitness routine should be something you look forward to. Sign up for a dance class, join a local sports league, or ask a friend to be your walking buddy. Integrate activities that you enjoy into your daily life—and be ready for impromptu action. Pair Armitron’s Digital Chronograph Square Watch with Powder Blue Resin Strap and Rose Gold Accents  with your everyday look. You’ll be ready for any and all activity with a watch that goes great with workwear or athleisure. This stylish design features easy-access modes, timers, and clock graphics right on screen. Scheduling fitness and tracking your progress is smooth and easy-breezy.

Focus on the Details

new years resolutions details

Overly broad resolutions, like “eat better,” are hard to implement. Instead, think small and focus on specific actions you can take. Plan a resolution like, “include fruit with breakfast” or “have salad for lunch.” When you create a specific action plan you’re much more likely to meet your goal. So, when you plan your resolutions, tie-in the focused efforts you can take to meet them. Plan out how many times you’ll go to the gym, at what time, and what day of the week. It’s much easier to meet your goals when you’ve planned out clear-cut steps.

Keep it Realistic

You’re much more likely to keep your resolutions and achieve your goals, if you keep them realistic. “Get out of debt” or “run a marathon” are great goals, but they’re accomplished with small steps made across your entire year. More realistic goals might be to create a weekly budget with manageable sums put toward payments. You can also create a running schedule that trains you to realistically ramp up to the big race. Make plans that you’re sure to stick with. Keep your resolutions grounded, not pie-in-the-sky. Now you’re off to a great start for 2019. Happy New Year!

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