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The Perfect Watch to Match Your College Major

college major

Toss your cap in the air. Take some time to celebrate. You’ve earned it. Going to college is a huge achievement. The most focused students spend some of their time there thinking about the transition into life after college.

You chose your major. You dove into your classes. And soon, your career path awaits. That can feel daunting, but one way that you can start getting ready to walk the walk and talk the talk is by dressing the part.

“Dress for the job you want.” That’s a tip successful people swear by. An even better–and more affordable option–is to wear the wrist watch for the career you want. Even if you haven’t graduated yet, the right wrist watch gives you a sense of pride and confidence. It also keeps you focused. Your eyes are on the prize.

A solid wrist watch makes you feel professional, chic and qualified. The right accessory enhances your game. A distinctive watch can help you transition from college student to career pro.

The Perfect Watch to Match Your Major

Choose a watch that complements your goals and coordinates with your career’s character.


Wrist Watches that Demand Attention for the Education Major

Educators are built to inspire. Armitron’s Stainless Steel Analog Watch with Gold-Tone Adjustable Link Bracelet provides you with a robust timepiece that wows. Foster encouragement and motivate others with your brilliant ideas. That’s easy with a gold glow on your wrist.

Teachers stir passion and keep their student’s engines revving. Educators each have a kind of stirring grace. Armitron’s Swarovski Crystal Analog Watch with Silvertone Bangle Band compliments your style and inspires flashes of insight with its Mother-of-Pearl dial and pretty dazzle.

Triumphant Timepieces for the Business Major

Business majors become movers and shakers, so you want to channel success and achievement. Armitron’s Women’s Silver Sandblast Dial Wrist watch with Swarovski Crystal gives you elegance and style with just the right amount of glitz. The sandblast dial features a winning sparkle.

english major

Epic Watches for the Poetry Major

Unpretentious, sophisticated and clean–just like the best prose. Armitron’s Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Wrist watch with Navy Dial and Calendar Window gives you a traditional look that’s also exceptional. The dark navy dial and gold mesh bracelet strap offer virtuoso design with a dash of understated flair.

psych major

Watches that Stir Imagination for the Psychology Major

Complexity and layers never looked so beautiful. Armitron’s Stainless Steel Men’s Watch features three overlapping sub-dials accented with turquoise blue and gold. You have a silver tachymeter to measure time and distance, in addition to your multi-zone dial. Inspiring and intricate, just like you are.

Swirl and luminescence. Hints of blush and intricate sophistication hide under simple and elegant design. Armitron’s Women’s Genuine Mother-of-Pearl Dial Wristwatch with Crystal Lens offers perfection, elegance and all the confidence you need when your work gets elaborate.

Confidence Boosting Watches for the Criminal Justice Major

Armitron’s Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Watch offers a dark dial that gives your confidence style and substance. It’s got a handsome two-tone design with three sub-dials, offering strength matched with efficiency.

Or, consider Armitron’s Swarovski Crystal Analog Watch Rose Gold Adjustable Link Bracelet for a minimal chic that looks strong and tough without sacrificing elegance. The perfect timepiece for lawyers and investigators and anyone defending justice and ideals.

Precision Timekeeping for the Nursing Major

nursing major

No-nonsense efficiency doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice style. Nurses need function that combines chic and simple. Armitron’s Stainless Steel Analog Watch with Black Leather Strap gives you easy-to-read details on a classic analog faceplate with sub-dials. You’re ready.

nurse major

Practicality still comes in pretty with this Armitron Women’s Leather Watch. The simple brown leather strap is an stylish yet affordable option for any nurse. The dial is easy to read, which allows you to keep time without worrying.

Your new career looms. Be ready with a wrist watch from Armitron. Style and affordability always combine with function. Choose a great watch to propel you to greatness.

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