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The Perfect Gift for Everyone on Your List

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Looking for the perfect gift? Look no further than the perfect watch. A new wristwatch makes everyone feel happy. Watches are a practical accessory that anyone can use, but they also offer the recipient touches of new style and inspiration. Armitron carries the perfect watch for everyone on your list! Whether you want to wow, woo, or just make someone feel wonderful, when you give a watch you get it right.

Check out Armitron’s perfect options (that are perfectly affordable) for everyone on your list.

The Sporty Man

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Does he make time for the gym—or at least have plans too? Does he play sports—or like them? Does he look dapper in athleisure looks or really anything that fits his active lifestyle? Give him a gift that feeds his sporty soul. Armitron’s Holiday Gift Set- Red Silicon Strap Watch with Red Speaker comes with loaded with features for fun and fitness including a chronograph with lap time to track performance, a sleek and comfortable silicon strap, and a stylish LCD display. He’ll also get an awesome wireless speaker that works with a phone or tablet. Way to knock it out of the park! **Please note: the speaker and the watch work independent of each other.**

The Business Man

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The consummate business man needs a watch that commands attention and radiates authority. Armitron’s Stainless Steel Solar Watch with Blue Aluminum Accents looks like the watch his favorite superhero would wear to a business meeting. The dynamic blue dial features a tachymeter (for tracking distance and speed,) a minute ring, and classic analog design. This watch is perfect for the man who oozes sophistication and charm—but keeps it subtle. Give him stainless steel strength to match his character and drive. Super man, super watch!

The Sporty Woman

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Do you have an on-the-go dynamo on your shopping list? Gift her a digital sport watch that’s packed with functions and brimming with style. She’ll love a wristwatch that’s all-purpose practical, without sacrificing the pretty. Armitron’s Digital Chronograph Round Dial Watch with Black Resin Strap and Red Accents exudes an aura of sophistication. You’ll give her a watch that merges design and functionality to match her active lifestyle. When she’s naturally sporty, get her a watch that’s a perfect match. Effortless style combines with limitless strength. Just like her.

The Business Woman

perfect gift business woman

Does she harness the sun and shine like the stars? Present her with a wristwatch that captures a similar perfection. Armitron’s Silver-Tone Bracelet with Genuine Mother-of-Pearl Dial and Swarovski Crystal Accents is truly a work-of-art. Built-to-last and packed with power, this stunning watch features a solar battery that harnesses sunlight through the luminous Mother-of-Pearl dial. Swarovski crystals surround the silver-tone bezel and mark the hours. It’s the perfect accessory for the professional woman. Powerful, exquisite and committed to perfect timing.

The Teen or Teen-at-Heart

perfect gift A WATCH

Armitron’s new AWATCH collection emphasizes fun practicality and a zest for style that matches your perfect price point. Inspired by millennials and made to suit their lifestyle, AWATCH wristwatches go back to basics while signaling the future. Classic design, colorful style, and optimistic function come together for the perfect watch and the perfect gift. Armitron’s White and Black Dot/Stripe Resin Strap Watch with Dark Pink Bezel pops with bright color and graphic contrast. This is the perfect watch for the teen or millennial on your gift list. Jingle absolutely all the way

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