Your Outdoor Watch Is Here and It’s Solar

outdoor watch

Armitron has been bringing watches with style to everyone who is looking for something classy, chic, rugged or sporty for over 60 years. There is a reason why our watches are worn by many faces: we have a watch for everyone. But even with the large variety of watches, we wanted to call out to a specific group of people.


Soon we will be offering our brand-new line that reaches out to the adventurous and outdoor-loving person. Whether you are a weekend warrior who trades in their suit and tie for a bike and boots or you are someone who loves to travel more in nature than not, our watches are ready to travel with you.

We’d like to introduce you to Armitron Adventure.

Each one of our Armitron Adventure outdoor watches has something to offer each kind of adventurer. If you want to travel to different countries, we got you covered with our Work Time feature. If you want to climb a new peak, our altimeter and barometer features can help. Of the many features we offer, our Solar watches really set themselves apart. 

Outdoor watches are ready to go with you.

Traveling can sometimes mean a long list of gear and gadgets while other times it could mean packing with what only fits in your backpack. No matter the type of adventure, your watch needs to be ready to go when you are.

With the Armitron Adventure solar watches, just one full charge from artificial or natural light will have your watch continuously working for up to four months. That could mean four months backpacking through Europe or four months of camping every weekend. Whatever the plan, our solar watches are the perfect adventure accessory.

outdoor watch

Which solar watch matches your style?

We know that not every adventurer has the same style, so we are offering solar watches for those looking for an outdoor watch they can rely on.

This Solar-Powered Analog Watch with Black Stainless Steel Bracelet is perfect for someone who loves their dark’s. With durable, black ionic platting, the rugged edge of this watch will travel many miles if need be. Enjoy red accents to fit your style while the luminous hands keep you updated as you travel.

For those looking for a more outdoor watch look, this Solar-Powered Analog Watch with Green Nylon Slip-Thru Strap meets the call. With two light brown genuine leather loops and an army green colored strap, this watch blends in with any outdoor style.

The Solar-Powered Analog Watch with Light Brown Leather Strap meets somewhere in between its siblings. With a stainless steel case and a leather strap, take the durable and the stylish with you wherever you go. With orange accents, this watch calls to nature as much as you do.

Looking for a watch with a simple design and tough features? Look no further than the Solar-Powered Analog Watch with Light Gray and Tan Nylon Strap. A stainless steel case, nylon strap and calendar window are the perfect features for your outdoor adventure.

outdoor watch

Now get outside.

No matter where you go, an Armitron Adventure watch will be right by your side—or on your left if you’re a righty. Stay tuned to learn more about the many features that outdoors men and adventurers alike will be able to enjoy in our new line of watches.

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