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New Year’s Style Tips

New Year's Style

There’s nothing like a fresh start, so celebrate in style. Do you plan to dance the night away at a huge soiree or keep it cool with a few of your besties? Are you watching the ball drop in Time’s Square—from your living room or in real life? Whatever your plans are for New Year’s Eve, it’s a night when you want to feel your best. There’s a lot to commemorate as you rejoice about 2018 and look forward to an awesome future. So, tie one on and paint the town red, but do so in a style that makes you feel absolutely awesome.

Here are Armitron’s style tips for looking (and feeling!) your best-ever best this New Year’s Eve.

Have a Ball

New Year's Style Gold Glitter

New Year’s Eve is all about keeping it epic. So, accessorize in a way that rises to the occasion. Are you wanting to absolutely drip in dazzle? Wear Armitron’s Gold-Tone Swarovski Crystal Encrusted Bracelet Watch on your wrist to feel next-level awesome all evening. This stunning bracelet watch adds delicate glitz to your wrist and casts, big bright vibes across whatever room you’re in. There’s no such thing as too much twinkle—especially on New Year’s Eve. The silver dial is etched to perfection with Swarovski crystals marking the hours. Sparkle on.

Glitter Up and Glow

New Year's Style Glitter

Shine bright like a diamond. New Year’s Eve means glam time. Get glitterati and let the glow flow. It’s the right night for glitter nails, highlighter speckled with sparkle, and smoky eyes that gleam and glimmer. Wear anything sequined and add doses of glamour with accessories that shimmer with spark. Light the night!

Countdown the Seconds

New Year's Style Men's Gold

The best part about New Year’s Eve comes down to a few sparkling seconds. So, accessorize with a wristwatch that keeps you prepared for the big moment. Diamonds on the dial add verve and gravity as you watch the gold second hand countdown to the New Year. Armitron’s Stainless Steel Dress Bracelet 20/5251BKGP makes you extra-handsome and ultra-sophisticated. The two-tiered black-on-black dial provides serious chic. You’ve got the perfect dress watch for any formal occasion with genuine diamonds and roman numeral keeping your timing perfect. Count on it.

Plan for the Unexpected

If you’re spending New Year’s Eve out and about, you want your look to adapt to unexpected forays or detours. Bring along a coat, shrug, wrap or cardigan that can keep you comfortable as you travel about. Choose something bright and sparkly to match your mood. Bring along the perfect handbag or clutch with your favorite lip gloss, and stock it with other essentials. Definitely wear your party shoes, but plan a little practical if you might end up doing a lot of walking. Thinking about function doesn’t sacrifice form, it keeps you prepared for every kind of adventure.

Stay True to You

New Year's Style True

New Year’s Eve style is the perfect night to try new trends as you dress up to party. But the most important part of style is staying true to yourself. Your look is an expression of who you are and what makes you feel great. Wear what makes you feel absolutely wonderful, and that may mean a combo of the new and the old. The year is new, but you can still wear your best, familiar fave. Match a new, sequined cardigan with your favorite dress or wear your go-to tie with a new, tailored suit. Mix and match the old and new in a way that captures your soul and your style. Now you’re ready! Hey, 2019!

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