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New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas

New Year's Eve Outfit Header

Out with the old. In with the fantastic and the fabulous. New Year’s Eve is the just-right time to unleash your next-level, style-forward inner fashionista. That means tuning into the clothes and accessories that make you feel most like you! Whether you’re painting the town red (or rainbow!) or planning a small-scale celebration, New Year’s Eve is all about ringing in the new and the wonderful. You’ll enjoy it more if you dress the part. That means focusing in on your personal style and capturing your best mood.

Not sure what to wear? Never fear. Armitron’s here with six tips and tricks for creating the perfect look to ring in the New Year. Keep cool and party on.

Be the Sparkle

New Year's Eve Watch

You know the world can always use extra sweetness and light, so you might as well do your part. Pull out the statement pieces that awe and inspire you. Whether you’re head-to-toe formal or night-club ready, Armitron’s Swarovski Crystal Analog Watch with Rose Gold Link Bracelet adds the stardust you need to elevate any outfit or attitude. Your wrist will drip in effervescence and rose gold rapture. Crystals cascade around the bezel and across the bracelet links. Mother-of-pearl glistens on the classic analog dial. Style that makes your soul shine!

Curate Ultra Cool

New Year's Eve Watch Silver

Give your midnight an extra edge. It’s time for tuxedo stripes and bow tie logic. Cool and collected is always classic. Accessorize with Armitron’s Stainless Steel Analog Watch with Diamond Accent and Black Dial for effortless cool. This statement wristwatch gives you extreme sophistication that’s sharp, dark and handsome-extreme. You’re wearing a watch with a stainless steel case, a black dial and a genuine diamond at hour 12. No such thing as too much cool.

Groove on Glam

New Year's Eve Glam

Wear a classic base, a crisp white oxford or tee, with a dark pencil skirt or trousers. You’re set and dressy, but now you add the fancy. Go for a sequin bolero jacket or embellished bomber. Add sparkling polish or eye shadow. Add rhinestones and gems to your shoes or lapel. You can never have too much dazzle on New Year’s, so feel free to add layers of glitter and gold.

Feel the Future

New year, new you, new beginnings. Get futuristic and chic with metallic style. Space-age fashion is right on trend. Think Martian cocktail parties and moonwalk dance floors. Wear silver fabrics with asymmetrical cuts. Puffer jackets and designer sneakers look sci-fi chic. May the fashion-force be with you!

Dig Your Dashing Denim

Think your jeans are too casual for New Year’s? Think again — when you wear them right, they’re absolutely perfect. The more distressed, deconstructed, patched and embroidered, the better. Pair your favorite pair with a tuxedo top or sky-high heels. Merge the formal with the casual for sophisticated statements that match the best of you.

Keep it Chill-Deluxe

New Year's Eve Outfit

You don’t have to neglect comfort. You can still incorporate your favorite athleisure pieces into glamorous party wear. Put a tight workout top with sheer or mesh cut-outs under a sleeveless cocktail dress. If you’re staying in or celebrating with close friends, go ahead and sport your fanciest leggings or hoodie. But pair them with dressy fabrics or statement jewelry. Comfort rules, but it matches fabulousness with ease.

Winterize Summer Chic

New Year's Eve Winterize

New Year’s Eve means spaghetti straps and high heels in the dead of winter. No prob. You can still rely on your go-to sundress or siesta shirt. Wear textured tights lined with a layer of fleece. Go with over-the-knee boots. Add a cardigan covered in sequins or a pinstripe blazer. Make sure your winter accessories are as fancy as you are!

Whatever great outfit you choose, don’t forget to wear a fantastic watch. Countdown the seconds in style!

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