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Must-Have Supplies for the 2018-2019 School Year


Back-to-school beckons! It’s time for freshly-sharpened pencils, brand new sneakers, and crisp red apples for the teacher. One of the best parts of starting a new school year is the thrill of new supplies to match your bright, new outlook. So, jot down your list of goals and must-haves and get ready for a bright new start to the spick-and-span, ready-to-start 2018-2019 academic year.

Here’s Armitron’s list of the must-have supplies for an awesome and successful start to school.

Keep Time with a Sport Watch with Alarm

Watch Supplies

A durable, sporty wristwatch is the perfect item for back-to-school bravado. Armitron’s Digital Chronograph Round Dial Watch with Light Blue Resin Strap and Magenta Accents looks great on any age or with any style. Fashion-forward with an edge of the futuristic, it’s the perfect accessory for time-keeping. Use the alarm to keep you set up for the school bus arrival or any other time frame to keep mornings running smooth. The bright color looks sharp and keeps your timing precise. Happy first day of school!

Write it Down with Powerhouse Pencils

Supplies Pencils

Novelty pencils are adorable, but sometimes they don’t last long or handle sharpeners well. Spring for super durable number twos. Get high quality classic pencils. They last and they’re less prone to breaking. You’re also doing teachers a favor when students aren’t lined up at the sharpener or complaining their pencil broke. Top tier erasers are also less prone to smudge and actually do their job. Get a top-notch electric sharpener to go with.

Carry It All in a Sturdy Backpack

Supplies Backpack

A good, strong backpack is a solid investment. You want zippers that won’t break and straps that stay strong throughout the year—no matter how many books you load up with. Choose a material that washes easily and has reinforced straps and a bottom cover to handle the wear and tear of busy student life. Choose a color or pattern that matches your personal style or your school colors. Go team!

Stay on Mission with a Chronograph with Lap Time

Supplies Watch

Armitron’s Digital Chronograph Square Dial Watch with Red Resin Strap and Black Accents is the ideal accessory for the seriously ambitious student. You’ll have a built-in countdown timer to strategize every study session. The chronograph function allows you to work in timed and planned short bursts. You’ll optimize your brain power by breaking your studies into manageable chunks. You can organize your cram sessions the same you do your work-out. Genius level hack.

Keep Hydrated with a Well-Made Water Bottle

Get a strong water bottle to take with you on the go. Good insulation keeps your water chilled throughout the day. Hydration is key when you’re on the move. Invest in a deluxe water bottle with a well-designed cap that easily hooks to your backpack.

Be Prepared with a Fold-Up Umbrella

Don’t forget your umbrella! You don’t have to remember to take it with you everyday if you always have a compact fold-up in tow. Get a small and efficient umbrella that you can tuck in a spare pocket of your backpack. Now you’re always prepared when a downpour hits.

Plan It Out with a Deluxe Planner

Supplies Planner

Students of every age benefit from a spiral notebook style calendar or day planner. It can double as a quickie journal to write down important events, ideas and happenings. Get an agenda that matches your personal style and accessorize it with stickers, highlighter pens in neon colors, and everything you need to stay inspired and organized. There’s the bell! Time to get to class!

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