Moms, Mets & Many Faces – A Mother’s Day Celebration

Team Dynamix Noah Galloway and Cat Greenleaf for Armitron

What an incredible night! Last night, we partnered with the New York Mets to host customers, a few of our favorite fashion follows, Noah Galloway, Cat Greenleaf and Team Dynamix in celebration of Mother’s Day.  In today’s 24/7 world, moms don’t often get the time for themselves they deserve.  Family and job obligations often rule the day, forcing their own needs to come second.  We wanted to let mothers know that taking some time for themselves is absolutely essential.  So, we convened “Faces” from our Armitron community to help provide some tips on style, fitness and motivation.

Mother’s Day Plus Other Faces

Cat Greenleaf, host of NBC New York’s Talk Stoop, chatted with various guests about the lessons they learned from their own moms, as well as how she tries to balance her own life as an on-air personality and a mother.  Her biggest piece of advice?  Take a step back from the daily rush to carve out a few minutes for yourself.  Even if it’s only ten minutes in the morning or evening the break can help bring things into balance.


Noah Galloway

Noah Galloway was on-hand to talk about motivation and share some tips for moms trying overcome adverse circumstances.  Leveraging his experience as a U.S. Army Veteran and team leader on the new Fox series, American Grit, Noah helped many of us think about our challenges in a different way.  His “No Excuses” mantra might seem daunting, but when applied to small challenges, it can help build the confidence to take on larger obstacles.

Amy Dracup Andrea Ager and Becca Day for Armitron

Andrea Ager, Becca Day and Amy Dracup of Team Dynamix

Team Dynamix

Finally, our friends from Team Dynamix provided some helpful tips on ways busy moms can improve their fitness, like finding an exercise partner. In fact, they told us that people who work out with a partner are seven times less likely to drop out of an exercise program!

Cat Greenleaf and Elizabeth Savetsky

Cat Greenleaf with Elizabeth Savetsky of the Excessories Expert

Overall, the night was a great opportunity for us to say thanks and provide a fun experience to some very deserving moms.  We’re proud of all the mothers who support us and we want them to have the confidence to express their own style every day.

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