Meet the Faces Behind Armitron

Meet the Faces Behind Armitron: Melissa Berardi Schweickert, A Showcase Career

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By Jordan Chapman

We are excited to share our next employee profile in the Meet the Faces Behind Armitron series. These are the stories of the people who work behind the scenes, our wonderful Armitron employees.

“There’s nothing small about me. Not my voice, not my watch.”

Oversized. Rose Gold. Crystals. Melissa’s current Armitron watch may be the perfect introduction to her personality. She’s visually creative but business minded, take charge but approachable, wound up but steady and reliable. This is the life of the Director of Visual Presentations and Packaging.

You know her work. Those watches on display in the store? They are Melissa and her teams’ doing. It involves countless hours of collaboration to reveal the proper features to be highlighted and focused on, trips to speak with vendors on site to develop a working model, bringing those ideas back to the table and on and on. And she loves it. Each project represents a literal manifestation of her creative edge; each a product of her artful personality and each left behind for others to enjoy on a near constant basis. She says she’s been doing it for almost 17 years, but this has been a lifetime in the making.

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The Creative Spark

As a child, she was the creative one — always painting and making people laugh — but in her free time it all came down to a pack of puffy glitter stickers and a scrapbook. She enjoyed arranging them in different patterns and, once finished, would showcase her masterpiece to her younger sisters. Rainbow Bright, the Smurfs, and My Little Pony sticker collages also made their debut in this fashion. The only rule? Display 101: Don’t touch!

“Looking back, a passion for display was budding at an early age,” Melissa said, laughing fondly at the memory.

Later, that passion would turn into a degree from FIT’s Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design program. “There aren’t many people who can say they’re actually doing what they went to school for,” Melissa said proudly. “But I am. When it comes to planning display, looking over the entire project and truly breaking it down to find out what I can do, what can be delegated and overseeing the entire affair? This is what I do. This is what I love.”

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A Team Effort

But make no mistake, she’s not a “one-woman show. There are many amazing people working with me through this entire process, there’s a lot of collaboration,” she said, describing an environment that moves, appropriately, like clockwork. Every person performs a necessary function to make the product thrive and the payoff is substantial.

“When I walk into a retail store and see the watches displayed in a way that everyone at corporate thought it should be, that’s something special,” Melissa said. “There are so many brands with just one look. When I’m in the field, I’ll hear customers say, ‘Wow, you have something here for everyone!’ And we really do!

“A watch is a statement item that subtly hints at your personality. No matter the activity, it’s a final touch. It’s important that everyone can get involved here,” Melissa said.

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But display isn’t all rose-gold and crystal watches. Along with other mishaps, cases can be set up wrong or displays constructed haphazardly. “You might cringe a little, but I’ll tell them who I am and I’ll fix it myself,” she said, a classic move from an artist owning her craft. But it’s also dedication born out of E. Gluck Corporation’s (EGC) innate culture: The company and employees are built to take care of one another.

Made up of a family of brands, including Armitron, Anne Klein, Vince Camuto, Nine West, and Badgley Mischka, the company has thrived for more than 60 years touting itself as a family-run company that understands family.

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