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Meet the Faces Behind Armitron: For Julio Cortez, Family is First Because Family is Everything

Julio Family

By Jordan Chapman

We are excited to share our next employee profile in the Meet the Faces Behind Armitron series. These are the stories of the people who work behind the scenes, our wonderful Armitron employees.

Family First

It’s his past and present. It’s the fuel that drives him toward his goals and future. It’s embedded in his hobbies and it makes up the ethic that he lives and breathes at work. A shipping supervisor in E. Gluck Corporation’s (EGC) Armitron division, Julio Cortez can’t state it enough: Family is first because family is everything.

Family Julio 1

And it’s always been that way. Originally from Guayaquil, Ecuador, Julio grew up in a close-knit home that found joy in family time. Sometimes, as a boy, just he and his father would even hop in the car and drive for six, seven, maybe even eight hours to enjoy a bond only father and son can know.

“He’d tell me his life stories,” Julio remembered. “Now, I take my own family on trips to build memories in different places,” he said, noting that his last trip with wife Barbara and 5-year-old son Jared added 3,500 miles to the car’s odometer. “It’s extremely special to share the kind of experiences I had as a child with my own family, meeting new and different people and trying all kinds of food along the way.”

Speaking of food, “cooking is my creativity,” Julio said. “It allows me to experiment, build and mix the perfect ingredients for the best possible dish.” And these aren’t small portions either; think buffet-style Ecuadorian entrees that can feed an extended family. Grandparents, cousins, in-laws, nephews, nieces, and more, the weekend can be a busy time for the Cortez crew.

“Family is what I identify with and in many respects Armitron reflects my lifestyle,” Julio said.

Julio Watch

“It’s a family-oriented business where people look beyond your current skill set and see your potential.”

And that’s the joy of working at EGC. The company – and the Armitron brand in particular – offers a diversity of style that everyone can enjoy. It’s a company that stands behind its product because it’s been bringing you the best in quality watches for more than 60 years. Like Julio, Armitron has a history that will support its future.

“My ultimate goal is to own a home and to continue to learn new things so I can continue to better my family,” Julio said. “Looking back, I feel like I’ve come a long way.” And he has, but it’s an understatement.

A New York Adventure

Julio Family 3

He only started what he calls his New York adventure six years ago. Having met his wife in Ecuador at a family reunion — Barbara’s sister is married to Julio’s cousin — the pair courted one another over multiple trips before he made the move to the Big Apple. The two were married four days after his arrival.

And it wasn’t long before Armitron capitalized on his potential. In 2012, Julio was brought on as a member of the maintenance team and was promoted to his current position last year where his day-to-day involves the review of order confirmations and the management of staff to ensure priority jobs are completed in a timely manner. And for the latter, he needs a trustworthy watch.

For Julio, it’s all about the Pro-Sport line. “It’s a bit on the large side, has a resin white strap with a chronograph and can measure lap time. The lens is scratched up but it’s my favorite and it’s comfortable,” he said. “I love it here. All the employees at E. Gluck are like family. We’re a team that actively makes sure everything runs smooth not just in our own department but for the entire company.”

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