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Meet the Faces Behind Armitron: For Elisabeth Contreras, Living in the Moment Equates to Armitron Product Research

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By Jordan Chapman

We are excited to share our next employee profile in the Meet the Faces Behind Armitron series. These are the stories of the people who work behind the scenes, our wonderful Armitron employees.

Sight. Smell. Hearing. Taste. Touch. These are the top five priorities for Elisabeth Contreras because living in the moment is not only synonymous with success. It is success. Today, tonight, right now is where she gathers inspiration and, ultimately, she does it for you. It’s life, it’s research, it’s the ongoing passion of an assistant product manager at E. Gluck Corporation (EGC).

When she first started at EGC five years ago, her duties included working with new projects, prepping for markets and trade shows and maintaining and managing the Men’s Dress and Pro-Sport product for the vice president of Product Development. She always had a voice in the company, she noted, and was encouraged to develop and share ideas or suggestions with the team. Over time, her work ethic and inventive aesthetic elevated her duties to further reflect her innate right-brained personality. She was needed in the brainstorm sessions and she was excited to join.

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Teamwork at it’s Best

“I have the best team, period,” Elisabeth said.

“We all get along, everyone supports one another and we connect really well. That atmosphere translates into the product. We’ll see what works and what sells and based on that we’ll come up with ideas,” she said, noting that her daily quest to live life to the fullest at all times often turns into serendipitous research.

For example, she could be at her favorite Vietnamese restaurant in Long Island City when she sees a material or design combination she likes. She might be leisurely running an errand while pondering her childhood — she grew up in Queens but spent ages 9 to 12 in the Dominican Republic, where her parents are from — when she comes by a vibrant flower, the color of which has to be captured. She might be out dancing, a childhood pastime and an everyday passion and escape, when a perfectly timed meringue step inspires and translates into an equally elegant concept to bring forth at the next meeting. “You never know,” she said, laughing. “The sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity.”

And it always has been for Elisabeth. In fact, she took that motto literally as a child when she spent countless hours drawing and coloring in preparation for her future career.

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She attended Berkeley College in Manhattan to earn a BS in Business Management with a goal to assist in the creation of something worthwhile and beautiful for the public to use and admire, something she accomplishes every day at EGC.

“There is literally a watch in our line for everyone,” Elisabeth said. Her current favorite? Is one that her colleague and “work sister,” Maggie Mazurkiewicz, her favorite person, helped her pick out. Elisabeth describes the watch as “simple but very cute.” It is two toned, silver and gold accented. “You can practically wear it with anything. If you’re dressed up or down, it’s the perfect fit.” she said. “I just love the look.”

Elisabeth & Maggie

And that makes sense, considering her mission to live in the moment. For her, time is fleeting, today should be underscored and aesthetic is everything.

Whether you’re using a watch for fashion or functionality, Armitron has the fortitude and style you’re looking for. Check out our different lines today.

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