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Meet the Faces Behind Armitron: Daniel Lui, A Professional Problem Solver

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By Jordan Chapman

We are excited to share our next employee profile in the Meet the Faces Behind Armitron series. These are the stories of the people who work behind the scenes, our wonderful Armitron employees.

For almost 60 years, Armitron has been the manifestation of individuality in the world of functional accessorizing and over that time the brand has become a household name that’s known for its stylish dependability and fortitude. Why? You’re looking at him. Chances are — after all these years — Daniel Lui is the reason your watch still works. His job description? To predict and fix problems.

Problem 1

Inspector and Investigator

For the last 28 years, Daniel’s been the Quality Control Manager at E. Gluck Corporation (EGC) where he directs his trusty team in the ways of product inspection and watch repair. But they’re also investigators.

For instance, when Daniel’s called to inspect a new product before it goes into mass production, he’s looking for potential problems down the line. Could a particular finish cause an adverse chemical reaction? Could a certain component become faulty and keep it from moving or telling time properly? Is the clasp insecure? Could the band easily break? Could the lens crack? “Finding the problem before there’s a problem saves a lot of money,” Daniel said, and that’s important for a company that’s known for keeping its retail prices low.

“These aren’t $1,000 watches,” he noted, but it’s important that every watch, no matter the price, gets the same scrutiny. “We don’t want to upset our customers; we want to improve our image with consistent reliability.”


Love the Challenge

Ensuring a durable watch with an affordable price tag sounds like a challenge, and it is. But it’s all in good fun for Daniel; he loves the challenge because he loves the solution.

He’s always been that way. In fact, the Hong Kong native couldn’t even pinpoint a time when he realized he was mechanically inclined. He was always the child engrossed in constructing the next model plane, tank or warship; he was always the one to fix household items growing up; and he was always the family auto mechanic, a skill he taught himself by merely picking up a book and tinkering around. It’s not strange to him: “If people are interested in an activity, they’ll do it,” he said, and that skill followed him and helped him get to New York in 1989.

Problem 3

Building a Future

After migrating to and living in Canada for four years, Daniel bought a 1970 hatchback Honda Civic and rebuilt the engine before he drove to Long Island to begin his tenure at EGC. “That was the first engine I’d ever rebuilt,” he said, laughing. “I don’t do that anymore.” And that’s okay, because Armitron needs him.

“If we didn’t care about this kind of thing,” Daniel said of his team’s work, “Our watches wouldn’t be as reliable or durable in the market right now.” And he’d know. He not only insures their quality in the warehouse, he wears the brand like it’s an ongoing field study.

Problem 4

His current watch is 10 years old and he purposefully wears it when he goes swimming twice a week. “It still works great,” he said. “I’m an old-fashioned kind of man. Steel watches. They never break.” Talk about insider information.

Have you treated yourself lately? Step into your style this summer and accent your personality with an Armitron watch. You’ll be glad you did.

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