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Many Faces Profile: Andrea Ager, CrossFit Athlete and Motivational Speaker

Andrea Ager for Armitron Watches

Andrea Ager: Unifying Communities Through God and CrossFit

By Jordan Chapman

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It’s a genuine task to sum up Andrea Ager in a few words. It’s impossible to deny cliché phrases like “she leads by example” or “her actions and achievements are inspiration for all” because she lives up to these lofty statements. But they skip all the hardship, training and people that she’s met along the way who eventually brought her to where she is today—Astoria, Queens—and helped mold her into the CrossFit professional she’s become.

“It’s not just your worth defined by your success, it’s your worth defined by your effort, what you believe, your lifestyle, intensity and passion. All of that can drive you.”

Given the chance to speak with her, it’s obvious that she’s a doorway into many communities. Her extreme positivity and the laughter she uses to punctuate her excitement for athleticism, CrossFit and God is contagious, and if it’s not addictive then it’s all out motivating. And that makes sense considering her current endeavor to bring communities together.

A Driving Force

Andrea is constantly training for CrossFit competitions and traveling the country to hold AgerBomb seminars, which is a daylong session including motivational speaking, workouts and training tips. At the same time, Andrea and her boyfriend Peter Montalvo have started the first New York chapter of Faithrx’d. Faithrx’d is a program that bridges two already stalwart communities—CrossFit and Christianity—through box fitness, praise and an all-out joy for life.

“To show people how to unite your fitness with your faith is amazing,” Andrea said, who is a coach in the program. “It’s not just your worth defined by your success, it’s your worth defined by your effort, what you believe, your lifestyle, intensity and passion. All of that can drive you,” she said, explaining that CrossFit can be about discovering yourself on the road to your destination while using your beliefs and faith as strength and fuel to grow along the way.

Faithrx’d NYC will meet on September 9 and 23—and then every two weeks following—at CrossFit Queens in Astoria.

Andrea Ager’s Journey to Her Best

In a way, this is how Andrea bundles her own experiences and shows would-be CrossFitters or believers how and where to get started. This was something she had to piece together herself when even the pieces were hard to come by.

Like so many others, it took a lifetime of dedicated athleticism to achieve the full control of body and mind she employs on the daily. As only the second person within her family to graduate from college—extended family included—she knew from a young age that she’d need to rely on her skills as an athlete to earn a higher education.

High school equaled volleyball, swimming and track and field, the last of which helped pay her way through Colorado Mesa University as a scholarship hurdler. Still, it wasn’t until her senior year—when she admits she was a little worried about what was next—when a peer stood in front of her class and gave a report on CrossFit. Andrea followed him out of class and asked for directions to the gym.

Andrea Ager for Armitron Pro-Sport Digital Watches

“I never looked back, I was in the community, I wanted to coach, I wanted to be hands on every second of my day,” Andrea said, noting that she soon moved to California to coach and compete, where she first made the CrossFit games as an individual competitor in 2011. She later moved back home to Colorado to reconnect with family where first discovered Faithrx’d.

Her biggest leap of faith was when she joined Team Dynamix, who collectively placed fourth overall in the world at the 2016 CrossFit Games.

Building Faith in a Team

Andrea met Justin Cotler in November 2015 when she came to emcee a CrossFit competition at CrossFit Queens, her current employer. She later met Christian Harris and Becca Day, future teammates, when Harris invited Andrea to his gym in Long Island to host an AgerBomb in early December 2015. She also knew Ian Berger, future teammate, through the National Pro Grid League, who was and the general manager of her team, the New York Rhinos.

Andrea Ager for Armitron Watches

Andrea Ager with Dynamix Teammates (from left to right) Ian Berger, Christian Harris, David Charbonneau, Becca Day and Amy Dracup.

“This could be your chance at a championship,” Andrea remembers Justin telling her. “This could be a big thing in your life: Standing on the podium at the CrossFit Games.” The pressure was on. She had to be living and training in New York State before January 1, 2016, to qualify as part of the team.

Team Dynamix for Armitron Watches

She arrived by plane on December 29, 2015, a mere two weeks later. The team trained for seven months straight, eating and breathing CrossFit while pushing one another as teammates, while morphing into family members.

“It was a life changing event for so many people on the team—picking up and transplanting—but now I see so many options for the future, success and my career,” Andrea said. “I love the people that have become a family at Dynamix. I love the roots of it all.”

That’s the underlying theme. How best to describe Andrea Ager? Community, roots, family. And now she’s paying back the favor.

Are you in?

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