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You Know Your Mom’s the Greatest! Here’s Why!

Mom Greatest

It’s Mother’s Day month, so you might as well get sentimental. Moms are the best! It may’ve taken you a little bit of time to figure it out, but now you know. Moms are supportive, loving, understanding, and most of the time (probably!), they’re right! In May, we celebrate all-things-motherhood, so take a little time to remember all the great ways your mom was there for you!

You said, “Watch Me!” and She Did

5597 Greatest Mom

Remember doing a cartwheel in the backyard? Shooting a basket for the big game? Or just sliding down the park slide by yourself for the first time? Most kids shout out for the mom to watch them do their thing. And, know what? She probably made you feel like your accomplishment was amazing. She watched your successes (big and small,) and made sure you knew you mattered every time you asked. Check out Armitron’s Blush Genuine Leather Strap Watch with Swarovski Crystal Accents. Here’s a beautiful women’s wristwatch to commemorate all the time with mom—and let her know that time was precious to you too.

She Knew Just What You Needed

Needed Greatest

Moms pay attention and they know what’s up. You probably rolled your eyes at Mom or raised your voice at some point, but in the end, she had your back. Did she clip mittens to your jacket so you’d have them if you got cold? Put an extra pair of socks in your camping bag? Did you ever worry you forgot your homework, and then find that already mom had it in your backpack for you? She raised you from the beginning, and let’s face it, all that time and focus made her an expert in a certain subject—you! That’s something to celebrate this Mother’s Day.

She Paid Attention to the Details

Details Greatest

Moms keep track of the details. She knows your friend’s names—and their mom’s names. She always remembers your birthday. She never forgets to call. She remembers what you like to eat and can recite (with decent accuracy!) your milestones. Details matter because they connect us to the important stuff. They tether us to the parts of life that shine. This Mother’s Day give Mom a gorgeous jewelry set that represents the two of you and your special bond. Two sets of interlinked hearts? Just perfect! Connect with Armitron’s Rose Gold-Tone Bracelet Set with Swarovski Crystal Accents. Mom will love the inset dial with crystal and rose gold-tone detailing. Pretty and sweet!

She Loved You for Being You

Love Greatest

Moms love their kids more than you know. You may think you’ve got a handle on how much she loves you—to the moon and back or to infinity and beyond, but you also know it’s probably even more. Sure, she loves you because you’re her kid, but that doesn’t make it any less special. To your mom, you really are one in million. She wouldn’t have it any other way. Moms truly love their kids just as they are. It’s a love that’s unconditional. That’s amazing—and it really does make your mom the best! Let her know this May on Mom’s Day!

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