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How to Juggle Work and Classes with Dani Dearest

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Now that school is back in session, it’s important to balance our time between work and class. We are excited to have Dani Kluss of Dani Dearest, featured on our Many Faces Blog. In addition to blogging, Dani also works and is a college student which can be a lot to keep track of. She is sharing her tips to juggling work and classes. 

College students are busy by nature. Juggling classes, homework, social lives, sports practices, club meetings, study sessions, living on their own for the first time, and so much more… it can get overwhelming. Throwing an internship or job into the mix (as most college students do) and you can find yourself struggling to balance it all.

As someone who once juggled 3 jobs, 1 volunteer gig, 1 club leadership position, 19 credits of classes, and a relationship all at once can tell you – it can totally happen. How do you juggle it successfully? Let’s take a look at these 5 major tips to help you juggle an internship (or job!) and classes.


1. Get (and use) a Planner

If you’ve spent any time reading my blog you’ll know that I am a huge planner fan. Planners are an amazing tool to help keep you organize, help manage your time, and allow you to juggle a ton of activities, deadlines, and appointments all at once without losing your mind.

I’ve tried them all from the $3 one at the corner store to the $85 designer one from an online boutique. Not all planners are made equally and there isn’t a “one size fits all” planner.

Not sure which planner is right for you? Check out my complete guide on how to choose the perfect planner here.

Key tips to organizing your life using a planner:

  • Color code: Separate your priorities, classes, clubs, and other activities quickly at a glance.
  • Make a “top 3” list: If you planner is one giant to-do list make a “top 3” by separating out or highlighting the top 3 to-do’s to focus on for that day on your list. Make those your top priority!
  • Try something new: Not using your planner as much as you want to? Not liking the way it is set up? Change it up! There are no rules when it comes to using a planner – just ideas. Re-create, re-organize, and find a system that works for you.

Once you get in a habit of writing everything down in your planner you’ll find your productivity and time management increasing! What great resume skills!

2. Dress Smartly

While I love to style my clothes fashionably and nicely at the office, I prefer to go to class in a more casual and comfortable style. When my schedule is extra busy and I find myself rushing straight from class (or 3 classes in a row…) to a full day at work it can be stressful to make sure I am dressing appropriately for the office.

Throw in an important presentation or meeting at work right after a workout class and you’ve got yourself a real situation.

The key to managing a busy day with classes, work, and play is to dress in clothing that is easily transformed and use smart stylish accessories to dress up or down any outfit.

Example A:

For example, my boyfriend prefers to dress in comfortable shoes, jeans, and a t-shirt for class. He pairs this with one of his favorite Armitron watches which is more suited for everyday casual wear.

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To transition this to a nicer outfit for a work environment or a class presentation he simply tosses on a button up shirt (when it’s 100 degrees out like it was on this day he chooses a short sleeved one!) and changes his watch for a classier and dressier style.

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Example B:

I, on the other hand, go from walking around a hot campus to working in a freezing cold office so my outfit needs to be temperature versatile in as well.

Here I start off by wearing a simple solid colored mid-length dress, some comfortable booties, and a beautiful blush Armitron watch.

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Featured watch: Blush Leather Strap Watch

When it’s time for me to transition to work I simply change my casual booties for some comfortable heels, throw on a cardigan, and change my watch for a more elegant and dressy design. I also often throw my hair up into a pony tail and put on my glasses.

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Preparing your wardrobe to transition throughout the day with simple changes like these is a great way to manage your time wisely and make sure you have time for more important things like eating lunch and allowing yourself enough travel time. Armitron watches make for perfect accessories to dress up or down any outfit and are wonderfully priced to match any college student’s budget.

3. Schedule Wisely

As you register for classes, sign up for clubs, join sports teams, or speak with your manager about your schedule it is important to keep all of your other commitments in mind.

Write out a plan or use a handy tool like Google Calendar to make sure you have enough time to transition from one activity and location to another. Do you have enough time to eat lunch between classes? Do your homework before falling asleep? Answer e-mails for your club before stepping into the office?

More importantly, make sure to schedule personal or “down” time. Yes – I do mean scheduling in your Netflix watching or shower time into your calendar! Self-care is incredibly important to manage a busy schedule.

4. Meal Prep

I started meal prepping last year and ohmygosh this is a life saver when it comes to time management, budgeting, and eating healither while living on your own.

When you take one hour out of your week to prep your dinners for the rest of the week it may feel tiring. However, when you get home from a long day of back to back classes, meetings, and work you’ll find yourself so glad that you can just toss a healthy pre-made meal into the microwave and kick up your heels for dinner. Trust me.

5. Learn to Say “No”

I’m the kind of person who wants to help everyone and do everything. That’s just who I am by nature. Saying “no” when a friend asks me to drive her to the grocery store, when a teacher wants someone to help after class, or when a club leader needs someone to fill in for a position used to be so difficult for me.

However, there comes a time when you must put yourself first. You’re already going the extra mile, it’s okay to say “no” to taking another executive club leader position and focus on your school work instead. It’s okay to say “no” to another night of team bonding and go to bed early. Take care of yourself.


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About the Author: Dani Kluss

Dani Kluss is the founder and blogger behind the college lifestyle blog Dani Dearest where she talks about organization, time management, fashion, and life as a college student. Dani Dearest is an empowering community focusing on inspiring college women to succeed in their life and studies.

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