What Moments Define Your Time? Introducing #IRT


Who is Armitron?

For over 65 years, we have been devoted to nurturing the spirit of individuality with high-quality, high-style watches at affordable price points, driven by the understanding that a timepiece is both a common thread and a distinguishing factor. We connect prestige and curation with unprecedented value and convenience. Our overarching message is simple— Time is personal.


Time is measured in moments. What moments define your time?

Introducing #IRT (In Real Time), a celebration of all those little stretches of time in a day that, while they may go unmarked in our calendars, they shouldn’t go unnoticed, because they are often the best expression of our true stories.

More than a simple hashtag, IRT is a call to action to embrace, honor and mark those little moments that tell a much bigger story about who we are. Armitron joins a community of consumers motivated to share their moments of reflection, inspiration, excitement and accomplishment.

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