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Inside Watch Series: “Watch” Your Movement

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Your wrist watch may seem like simple tech. You can rely on it to keep the time and often much more. But what’s really going on inside this intricate technology? Your watch is actually an amazing, complex piece of machinery. Ever wonder how it stays precise all by itself? You can depend on your watch because it runs on a battery, but not every watch gets its power from the same source.

There are three major types of watch movements at Armitron. Choose to wear the one with the style and features that work best for your lifestyle and mood.

What is an Automatic?

Automatic Battery

If your watch is automatic, that means that it winds and charges itself. Hard to believe? It actually runs on the power it gets when you move your arm. The mechanics of this basic, everyday movement cause tension in the mainspring of your watch. There’s a spinning wheel for balance that works with a tightly-wound spring. That’s what keeps your watch ticking. If you wear your watch every day it stays wound–or you can wind it yourself if it needs a “recharge.”

Armitron’s Stainless Steel Silver-Tone Automatic Men’s Bracelet Watch with Blue Accent displays this marvelous technology right on your watch face. The large 42mm faceplate features an exposed, mechanical dial. You can “watch” your watch in motion. Your automatic watch highlights vintage tech. It’s an homage to history and classic feats of engineering. This is the kind of statement that displays refined and handsome sophistication.

Your automatic watch is ideal for dressy occasions–or everyday routines that require class and style. The inner mechanics feature blue and gold-tone accents, with a hint of plum amid metallic gears. The bracelet strap gives you heft with comfort. Function with flair? Check. Style? That’s automatic!

What is an Analog Battery?

Analog Battery

Armitron’s Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch for Men operates with a Japanese-quartz movement powered by a battery cell. The rotating hands get their power from silver oxide batteries that are low-drain, long-lasting and easily replaceable. The rotating movement of the hands have a quartz mechanism that keeps time through measured vibrations powered by the battery.

Traditional analog design in this Armitron watch features white hour, minute and second hands against a classic, grid-patterned dark dial. The black stainless steel faceplate and bracelet strap look sharp and indestructible. Silver-tone Arabic numerals at the 12, 3, 6 and 9 markers give you the easy-to-read and enduring look of analog design and technology. You get can’t-miss functionality with smart style and power to spare!

What is a Solar Watch Battery?

Solar Battery

Want a battery that’s elegant and powered with eco-chic tech and design? Go solar.

Armitron’s Solar-Powered Analog Watch with Light Brown Leather Strap works with a solar cell battery that converts light into electrical energy. Sound impressive? One full charge gives you optimal power for up to four months. The solar panel is built right into the dark navy dial and charges with any kind of light. Your watch’s solar cell stores energy in a secondary battery that you’ll never have to replace. It functions with analog quartz movement but powers with light instead of a conventional battery.

You also have an automatic “power depletion” warning. The second hand goes to two second intervals to give you a full day’s warning that it’s time to find some light. With your adventure-driven, active lifestyle, that’s no problem!

Best of all, this Armitron watch looks dashing, rugged and ever-ready for adventure. You have a coin-edge ratchet bezel and luminous, silver-tone hands and markers that stand out against the dark dial. You also have a calendar window at 3 o’clock and an outer minute marker in radiant white. The comfortable strap comes in saddle-colored brown leather with threaded detailing and a silver buckle closure. You’re outdoor-ready with the perfect style for any environment. Urban. Mountain. Powered-up. Ready to go.

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