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Inside Watch Series: Solar-Powered Watches

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Eco-chic and ready to roll, your solar-powered watch isn’t just friendly to the environment, it works alongside it. Your solar watch can be your travel companion on trail adventures. But it’s just as sleek and centered in the boardroom or at a weekend event. Solar power operates just like your analog or automatic battery. It’s just assembled with a few extra dashes of radiance, because it draws on light.

Solar watch batteries harness energy from any light source. They convert that luminosity into a perpetual power source. Your solar watch gives you the same reliability as a regular watch battery; no worries there. But you get to add in efficient and optimized technology combined with fashion-forward value, sunshine savvy and classic style.

All About the Armitron Solar Watch

How Does it Work?

Solar Work

Armitron’s solar watch battery rests in a cell right underneath the watch face. This cell captures energy from any available light source. You don’t have to fret about darkness, either at night or if your watch’s faceplate gets concealed. The solar battery cell collects light and stores that power continuously, so you’re always covered.

Your solar watch also contains a second battery. The solar cell transforms light into electric energy. This power gets stored in the second battery and then runs your watch. Your Armitron solar battery will last four months with a full charge. But since it’s continuously charging when exposed to light, it’s unlikely you’ll ever test that four-month threshold.

Armitron’s Solar Stainless Steel Watch With Adjustable Link Bracelet features a large 44 mm dark dial. The rich black dial is actually transparent — that’s how it catches the light and converts it to energy. It also has sleek silver-tone numerals at 12 and 6 with an easy-to-read analog design and minute markers on the bezel. A red second hand makes timekeeping a breeze. With this ecologically minded and style-savvy watch, you’ll be all set.

Features and Functionality

Solar Features

Solar watches carry the same functions and features as watches with conventional batteries. Solar watches aren’t less powerful or efficient. That’s a myth you can debunk with ease!

The Armitron solar battery never needs replacing the way the silver oxide battery in a quartz watch does. You get a continuous recharge from any light source. You also get a built-in warning system when the battery is near depletion. Your second hand will run at two-second intervals — for at least 24 hours — to signal you that it’s time to recharge. Just move your wristwatch into the sun or any source of light!

Armitron’s Solar Stainless Steel Watch With Adjustable Link Bracelet and Blue Dial features all the great functions you’ve come to expect. It has a tachymeter on the bezel — a feature that allows you to calculate speed and distance based on travel time. You also get water resistance up to 165 feet, a calendar window, and an inner minute ring on the medium-sized dial.

How Does a Solar WatchFit with Your Lifestyle?

Solar Fit

Looking good is always affordable with an Armitron wristwatch. Armitron’s Solar Stainless Steel Watch With Brown Leather Strap and Blue Dial is built to last and looks as handsome and rugged-chic as you do. Muscular durability is just part of the package. Your solar battery comes with reliable strength, and the watch design comes with style you can depend on.

The transparent dark blue dial features sleek numerals at 12, 3, 6 and 9 with classic silver-tone markers to indicate hours and minutes. Manly, sturdy and built to serve the environment, this watch is always in style. Plus the dash of blue on the dial gives you a modish edge.

True blue meets green living. With a solar-powered watch by Armitron, you’re good to go and ready to roll. Solar living is always on time.

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