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Inside Watch Series: Size Up Your Time


One size fits all? That’s not the rule when it comes to wrist watches. You want to choose a watch face that fits your individual style. You can strap a face plate of any size around your wrist, but make sure the dial you choose complements your size, mood and sensibility–especially when it comes to your sense of fashion.

Measure in Millimeters

Wrist watch face plates are measured in millimeters–with different dimensions setting the standard for women and men. Watch face sizing corresponds to the diameter of your watch’s surface–the face you’ll be looking at, that also faces out on the world.

At Armitron, watch faces can range from anywhere between 25mm and 50mm on average. Women’s watch faces typically veer smaller than men’s. Go ahead and measure your wrist (if you’re buying online) to get a sense of your preferred size.

Different styles also dictate different choices. Do you need understated sophistication? Or do you want to make a bold statement? You’re in a cultural moment when big statement watches are right on trend. So are minimal timepieces designed with refreshing simplicity and small faces.

Whatever your size, Armitron has a face plate and dial design that will fit your personal style as well as your budget.

Armitron Watch Face Sizes for Women: Small, Mid and Large

Small: Exquisite and Petite

size small

If you have a petite frame, you may want to choose a delicate watch face. At Armitron, a small watch face is anything but diminutive. Consider our 25mm Silver-Tone Watch and Bracelet Set with Swarovski Crystal Accents. The Mother-of-Pearl face glistens with pastel iridescence. Crystal accents coupled with an additional bracelet means major sparkle in a perfectly small package.

Mid: Traditional Luxury

size medium

A mid-sized watch face is lovely and bold, without overpowering your wrist. Armitron’s 30mm Rose Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Mesh Bracelet with Swarovski Crystal Accents always looks stylish and appropriate. Its face glints with crystal numeral markers and boasts an easy-to-read dial. Just the right size and style for classic looks that go from day-to-night, and makes chic statements easy.

Large: Elegance That’s Substantial

Armitron’s bold and beautiful Swarovski Crystal Analog Watch with Rose Gold Genuine Leather Strap makes a stunning statement. This timepiece measures at 43mm across, and boasts a Mother-of-Pearl diameter face, encircled with crystals and rose tone prettiness. Sophistication is just the right fit with a large Armitron wrist watch.

Armitron Watch Face Sizes for Men: Small, Mid and Large

Small: Subtle Sophistication

size small

Men with smaller frames–or an urge for understated style–will no doubt appreciate Armitron’s Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Analog Mesh Bracelet Watch. At 38.5mm, this classic and professional watch face gives you a sophisticated look that’s style-ready and always on point.

Mid: Chic Refinement

size medium

Armitron’s mid-sized watch faces, such as our Leather Strap Watch with Blue Dial, signal sharp refinement. The 44.5mm stainless steel face plate features a bezel with minute markers, a classic dial and three subdials. Traditional styling with a modern spin makes this wrist watch ideal for work or leisure.

Large: King-Sized Statement

Bold bravura is on trend for men’s watch faces, and Armitron’s got you covered. Large framed men, or any statement-makers, should check out our Gun IP Stainless Steel Analog Bracelet Watch. At 50mm, the face captures attention. The blue bezel and gunmetal contrast offer style you deserve. Go big or go home.

Armitron wrist watch faces come in styles for every size. Cool for your budget, comfortable on your wrist and an ideal choice for your lifestyle.

Fashion goals. Perfect fit. Mission accomplished.

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