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Inside Watch Series: Daylight Saving Time

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Who doesn’t want some extra time? Just spring ahead and fall back. You’ve heard the phrase. But what does it mean exactly? Besides gaining an hour of shuteye right when the weather changes? Daylight Saving Time hails from the very beginning of American history. Efficiency expert Benjamin Franklin even had a hand in it. This year, like every other, “falling back” is about efficient living and making better use of your time.

Here’s the Armitron breakdown of the ins-and-outs of Daylight Saving.

Saving the Day in History

Daylight Saving Time History

Ben Franklin’s original theory on saving daylight was based on seizing the day and making the most of it. His instinct makes sense. Modern day research tells you that people exercise more when the days are longer and there are even less traffic accidents when there’s more light. Essentially, Daylight Saving Time gives you more hours in the warmer months, which means you have more time to be productive.

The idea caught on during both World Wars because it helped to conserve energy and enhance productivity. Afterward, time changes weren’t consistent across cities and states because each municipality could chose whether to observe Daylight Saving or not. The Uniform Time Act of 1966 mandated compliance and since 2007, the U.S. follows the current system. Arizona and Hawaii still opt out!

Impact on Your Lifestyle

Daylight Saving Time Lifestyle

Sure, you love productivity. But when it comes down it, most people love to have extra hours of light when it’s warmer. You know what it’s like to still throw your Frisbee as the time inches closer to 10 p.m. in the summer. Meanwhile, the sky’s already getting dark as you zip to your 4 p.m. meeting in late autumn. Most people agree that earlier darkness in fall and winter is worth the light they gain in spring and summer.

Still, you might find yourself sluggish or off-kilter for the first few days of the fall shift even though you’re gaining an hour because it’s hard to switch the routine you’re used to on the first Sunday in November. In the U.S. the change always occurs at 2 a.m. That’s the hour that’s thought to have the least impact to the largest population. Most people are asleep when the time hits 2 a.m. — and then immediately reverts back to 1 a.m. You get an extra hour, but remember that you’ll lose it during the spring ahead in March.

Changing the Time on Your Armitron Watch

Daylight Saving Time 8417

Switching the time is easy with the right watch. Armitron watches are known for affordable luxury in a class of their own. You can also rely on well-built durability with optimum functionality. Armitron creates watches with easy-to-read dials and easy-to-use functions.

If you need some kick to get you through the dark months, try Armitron’s Digital Chronograph Square Dial Watch with Blue Resin Strap and Black Accents. No falling back when you’re wearing a timepiece that’s fashion-forward and function-friendly. Sleek design melds with color style and pop. Need to change the time? No problem.

Check out this awesome tutorial that shows you how simple it is to adjust the time on your Armitron ProSport Watch. It’s as easy as ABC. Literally. You get instruction on three push buttons with clear steps to follow. You’ll have the moves down and the push buttons mastered in under a minute.


If you’re wearing one of Armitron’s traditional dress watches, the time change is just as swift. You adjust the hands by turning the crown. Sweet and simple. Go classic with Armitron’s Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Analog Bracelet Watch. The handsome dark dial and golden contrast give you radiance you can count on during Daylight Saving Time. Stay cool, chic and punctual.

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Daylight Saving Time, matched with an Armitron watch, guarantees you extra time with style to spare. And easy-on-your-budget is the perfect way to save.

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