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Inside Watch Series: What is a Chronograph Watch?

chronograph watch

The earliest chronographs were used to map the stars and measure the speed of horses. In the 1800s, chronographs kept track of artillery fire during battles. After all this time, chronograph watches still rule. They’re a must-have feature on your wristwatch because they offer perfect timing–right down to the splits in a second.

Chronograph literally means “writing time,” giving you an accurate way to measure hours, minutes and seconds. Modern chronograph watches offer high-tech time measurement matched with an easy-to-read display.

Sportsmen have long recognized the need for precision. When used in races or track meets, a chronograph separates and measures individually split times while maintaining the overall time. Chronograph watches preserve your 24-hour clock while simultaneously allowing you to record short divisions of minutes and seconds.

chronograph watch

How Does a Chronograph Watch Work?

Splitting time with a chronograph is often called “lap time” because it measures segments like the laps of runners or swimmers. Lap time cuts an athlete’s performance into segments while keeping track of overall timed achievement.

A chronograph watch’s faceplate design makes that record clear. Your chronograph watch features sets of buttons, with easy-access press points to stop the lap time–making it available to record–while still continuing with one or more recordings. The buttons give you the control to start and stop laps as you need, along with detailed data about the overall execution of time. You’ll use lap time during sprints, meets, competitive sporting events or any workout where you want to keep track of your personal best.

Chronograph watches are the preferred wrist-wear for scientists, aviators, racecar drivers and every type of perfectionist. That’s why Armitron offers a variety of styles that fit your needs and your wallet.

Armitron Chronograph Wrist Watches: Perfection and Performance at Affordable Prices

chronograph watch

When You Need Precision:

The Analog-Digital Red Accented Watch with Black Resin Strap

This sport chronograph watch features an ani-digi combo with a faceplate designed to harness rugged functionality with timekeeping precision. Armitron’s watch offers a “chrono” that measures down to the 1/100th of a second. Exactitude refined. You can read lap time in a red border digital display that matches the sweep of the red second hand. This is your go-to watch accessory for perfection and precision, with its military time feature, dual time and five alarm systems. Stand back, world. You’re ready.

chronograph watch

When you want Perfection:

The Digital Chronograph Watch with Black Resin Strap

Perfect design combines with perfected functionality in this black and gold sport-ready wristwatch. Your faceplate features four window displays with gold buttons and detailing. The windows highlight the time, while the calendar and the chronograph feature that gives you perfect timing for your every need. The backlight presents optimum visibility that combines with styling that’s as tough and strong as you are. This is the perfect watch for all your excursions, whether you are hiking along trails or the urban jungle.

chronograph watch

When you Require Excellence at the Perfect Price:

The Women’s Sport Chronograph Pink Resin Stainless-Steel Accent Strap Watch

This watch is sleek and sophisticated with an exacting edge. It comes in a variety of shades to match your frame of mind. Classic black keeps it chic, while pops of blue or pink give you that sport-ready vibe. The chronograph feature is there for your workouts or races. And the clean design features a silver frame around the digital display, which shows your chronograph time right beneath the 24-hour clock. You’ll find start and stop push points on the bezel; a comfort, easy-contour strap; an alarm, a second time zone; backlight and water resistance to 330 feet.
Affordability meets perfection. That’s just Armitron’s style.

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