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Inside Watch Series: Buckle Up

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Your wristwatch style isn’t only about the dial, the functions and the strap. A great fit makes a watch extra fabulous. You want a fit that’s the perfect size, ultra-comfortable and totally secure. Whichever Armitron watch you choose, you can be sure it has a closure system with a perfect design. You can rely on security and comfort that always highlights style. That’s sublime.

Here’s your go-to guide to Armitron watch closures.

Jewelry Clasp: Reliable Grandeur

buckle jewelry clasp

Yes, perfection is totally possible. Have a look at Armitron’s grand and gorgeous Two-Tone Dress Bracelet with Swarovski Crystals and a White Dial- 32MM. You get an elegant and effortless jewelry clasp with perfectly hidden seams. That means your bangle bracelet-style clasp offers a seamless connection. You won’t see where it connects — and it’s on for good. A small clasp in the bracelet slides around a link. Secure, safe and sophisticated design. You can also adjust the links to the exact right size with ease.

Best of all, the clasp is as comfortable as it is beautiful. Just what you need to secure a bezel surrounded with hundreds of Swarovski crystals. Sparkles encircle a dial engraved with shimmering waves with a gold and crystal marker at every hour. Stunning and simple — with uncomplicated brilliance right down to the clasp!

Buckle: Classic Tradition


When you’re going for style that classic, comfortable and ultra-efficient, a buckle suits just fine. Buckle closures feature a metal pin with a series of holes for optimized adjustments. Armitron’s Brown Leather Strap Watch with Calendar Window- 38.5MM comes with a traditional leather strap. You get classic comfort with style to spare. You’ll have a strong stainless steel pin with a range of sizes. Your leather strap will adjust to your personal size and wrist contours in no time, feeling like it was made just for you. Your silvery-white tiered analog dial captures the chic look of lasting fashion. Gold-tone hour indices and minute, hour and second hands give you sleek function and effortless, durable style.

Two-Push Button: Fabulous Functions

Buckle Two Push

Armitron’s Stainless Steel Multi-Function Blue Dial Watch- 42.5MM features a strong stainless steel bracelet strap. Your closure performs with a one-touch, two-button fold over clasp that includes a safety latch. A push-button clasp design maintains elegance while providing top-notch security. The clasp is hidden within the bracelet, giving the illusion of seamlessness. You open it by pressing the two sleek and subtle buttons on the outside. Super safe. Easy release.

This stainless steel sports watch is everything you need to feel strong and mighty with a formal edge. The blue dial comes with three sub-dials that show you the date, day of the week and military time. You also get an outer minute ring and tachymeter that gives you the power to calculate the your travel time based on your speed across distances. Plus, it’s good-looking to the extreme.

Sliding Buckle: Refinement Rules

Sliding Buckle

Your stainless steel mesh bracelet feels both soft and strong at once. Behold a steel blush cloud right on your wrist. When you want a watch that can adjust to fit with ease and security, consider a sliding hook buckle. Armitron’s Rose Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Mesh Bracelet with Swarovski Crystal Accents- 30MM features a delicate but durable closure that allows you to tighten or loosen your strap as you please. The mesh bracelet surrounds your wrist in comfort with a sliding, easy-to-adjust buckle.

Extra bracelet length? You won’t see it or feel it. This watch also gives you striking, simple and sophisticated analog design with crystal hour markers. Perfection and polish for any occasion.

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